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(Wish moved from main list to clean it up)

That heroes (or perhaps also adventurers) when they don't have a unit, could join a troop and participate in battle.
For heroes that would be only for the duration of a battle, if they are troopless and happen to be in a region where a battle is held, they could be listed as another man in a troop leaders unit (without affecting any stats of the unit, but adding their CS to the unit).
As for: Why would one do that? Well for roleplay - (fight for your realm) and the chance to improove swordfighting/jousting skill, perhaps gain a little of honor/prestige, of course less (berhaps 50% of what the commanding troop leader got).
If the unit is wiped out then the hero is also wounded (chance of dieing is same as if it was a normal battle for the hero).
As for the adventurer aspect, he would be another commoner among the troop, isnt recruited from the capitol but can be picked up by heroes (or cavaliers if they had this sort of ability),
(if the adventurer is willing to join, or can join the heros troop on his own, if the hero accepts him) and berhaps the adventurer should have some money (to "find" the eccuipment), would get a cut in the money the leader is payng his men, and if he tryes to desert before time (when a unit is scatterd, or dispanded, or when the troop find that the leader isnt paing them) other men 80% of times capture him, steal his money and beat him up - leaving him wounded in the region theyr in.
As for whats there to doo, i quess he could picker with other men, berhaps steal some of theyr money (witch in 80% chances will end up geting the adventurer beaten and abandoned, ofcurse robed naked aswell).
Train with other men, spar for fun out of free time, and train hard when the leader orders to.
Resting -In free time he could go hunting for undead or a meal.
Also the visiting a bar/brother/dance hall/beer museum, and sutch fun places -> drunken fighting and alsorts of things.
Police work - abuse your authorathaa, or let some suspicious but attractive or very "generous"(bribing) people escape.
Civil work - well skip it and risk geting a beating :).
Diging in - skiping that and risk geting beaten.
Traveling - finding all sorts of adventurer stuff along the way.
And ofcourse battle, the main thing a troop is for - adventurer could gain some honor/prestige if theyr troop survives.
But if troop is whiped out then he could end up in either a prison cell, wounded behing a bush, or buried under it.
Chance of his death would depend on his swordskill, the greater the skillthe less chance of dieing.
Escapeing the hunters (when a troop is hunted), would depend on adventuring skill.
Promotion - when a adventurer survives some battles and the previous captain dies (witch could also be an option: "meny things happne in the cahos of battle, like killing your troops captain" but if others saw it your had could fall next) he could take the captains place. Giving him some more freedoms like:
Rebel against the troopleader (dosnt work when morale is high and men are payd, ends up in demotion or expelling form force + a heavy beating, if tryed in a wrong time, pluss in penalty of honor -2 or somehting) ends up in that troop deserts.
Inspireing the troop, raising morale, geting them to wait alittle longer to get payd.
Telling some tales to the troop, raising cohersion (from time to time, not to often, apears like that heros ability).
Plus also the fact that captains paycheck is little bit juicier.
Metsamees 16:04, 2 August 2007 (CEST)