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Clan of Metsamees


NameRealmNatureAffinityBirth (death) date
Raimond MetsameesNoneWarriorBattlefield470 fourth-era
Rainor MetsameesRealm of the deadWandererWilderness470 fourth-era - 501 fourth-era
Alnus MetsameesRealm of the deadAssassinTravel, corrupted to: Cruelty470 fourth-era - 520 fourth-era
Arctos MetsameesRealm of the deadHeroGlory469 fourth-era - 509 fourth-era
Urus MetsameesAssassinsBerserkerBlood, changed to: Philosophy492 fourth-era
Ragnar MetsameesRealm of the deadWarriorMight494 fourth-era - 517 fourth-era
Thaur MetsameesAuroraMan of the worldHounds499 fourth-era
Rauth MetsameesAssassinsReaverNight500 fourth-era

History of Clan

The family of Metsamees has deep and strong bonds with nature.
Much isn't known from their ancestors, it is said that their ancestors come from far
north from small shamanistic tribes that was rumored to have powers of wendigo
(guardian of the forest) or lycanthropy and that they were able to speak with all
sorts of animals, plants and nature, organic or not.

Regardless what their ancestors are rumored to be the last remains of their family
settled in Amriel (on the continent of Atamara), and as a clan set up a trade of monster and undead hunting,
eliminating undead and the ones who create them as well as monsters all over the continent.
After some generations theyr influence grew and eventually they were lifted to state of nobles.

This much is certain, theyr ancestors have perfected theyr martial skills and honed theyr bodys, minds and senses, in every generation starting from early youth and not stopping even in old age. And passing on this tradition to theyr children.
Continuing to train, from generation to generation. It surpasses mere tradition and resembles breeding.
They still keep the old traditions and religion that is passed on from parents to
children, a unique mythology thought to be died out.
As well as monster hunting and undead eliminating, profession kept alive by most of the family members.

Note that Metsamees family's birth-death dates are not in the general calendar, but rather in the calendar of their ancestral tribes.
Fourth-era began at the time when the war ended on Metsamees family's ancestral homelands. Which was invaded by religious crusaders attempting to expand their faith and "save" the local people by fire and sword.
It seems as if they failed most of people lie in graves and what is left is scattered over the world.
Metsamees family as the only known, and thus counted to be the largest of the remains of tribe keeps alive its old ways and customs along with those their calendar.

Clan Treasury

Clan Chronicle

Ancient beliefs