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I have always thought about Empires in battlemaster but I never came up with way it could be possible. Good News!! Now I have =)

This way involves another new things to the wish list Campaigns. If your realm is at war with another realm. They can launch a campaign. In a campaign you may not lose any of your original regions or else the other realms get to keep it and the diplomatic relations automatically switch to neutral so there is no claim to the region and war cannot be declared again for a certain amount of time.

To win a campaign you have to take all enemy regions by any means then perform a Friendly Takeover to the realms capitol. If the campaign is successful your realm is declared an Empire and and the current ruler will become Emperor and all the people in the old realm can choose to join the Empire or choose another realm. The former realms will remain realms but lose there means of diplomacy and the realm that was subjected to the campaign will have to appoint new region lords. The term realm will now mean part of the empire. The government position will renew itself and a senate will be formed.

This Senate will consist of the Justice Department, Financial Department, Military Department and the Diplomacy Department.

The Justice Department will have a group of three people that will decide on laws and such and have the job of a judge in a usual realm. They will consult with each other before new laws are passed and one of the three will become the Head of Justice.

The Financial Department will be very similar to the Justice Department. It will have Three people in charge of Finance and one will be bestowed the title Head of Finance.

Military Department will work in the same structure but function differently. Each man will be a Military General they will have there armies and command them and the man in charge will actually focus on the whole Empire. The man in charge will be the Commander.

The Diplomacy Department work right under then Emperor and help him handle Diplomatics relations with other realms.

Anyone can be elected to the Senate. At first they will be appointed by the Emperor but after that every month a new man will be elected to one place in the senate. He will replace the man with the lowest Honour and Prestige in the original Department. The Emperor does not change. He will never change until he dies.

Empire can of course keep making campaigns on people and sadly it will be easier to rebel against an Empire and become realm again.


  • I actually like the idea. Though the codeing would probally be a pain.--Jaymes

I say this already happens all the time. Clever diplomacy and CTO's and such do this very thing. If this is just about claims or going around the large realm penalies, well, they are there for a reason. --Walsh 09:56, 24 January 2007 (CET)

No, I want to make a huge realm very hard to manage!! =) -- Shenron

As much as I would love this, impossibly hard :p When you conquer a realm, just tell em you'll let them live if they become your vassals. You control their foreign policy, and possibly get a nice paycheck every month. RPing is easier than coding! George the Hippy 23:09, 17 March 2007 (CET)

When you say 'empire', you seem to mean 'Roman Empire', which in reality was a big republic holding lots and lots of realms under it. An empire needs not have a senate. All it needs to be is big. A huge federation can qualify as an empire as long as the ruler of one realm holds more power than the others. Enstance Family