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This guy messes with people's pages without saying why. He has also insulted me personally by calling ME names insted of my PC. It better stop or I will take the correct means to putting an end to it.

Thank you.


Indeed, Recluse it is not your job to inspect other players family pages for 'quality' or to fill them with OOC rubbish. Stop your pointless vandalism - Revan
User Vashmere has shown an inability to comprehend the Game Concepts since he started playing. He has been reprimanded for this by other players OOC in-game, until they could not tolerate his disruption any more.
When he bagan writing in-game I (in RP) welcomed his character as one of high ideals and imagination. I encouraged his professed intention to record a detailed history of our shared (at that time) realm. What he actually did was try to impose an alternate fiction on all other players and insist OOC that he knew how to play BattleMaster better than those who have played for two years and more.
After only a few days of playing he was producing such a volume of useless chatter that several players complained both OOC and in RP that they could not sift through it all and be sure of finding relevant postings. This overburden of uselessness caused some quite seasoned players to discover that the "Ignore" option, which had been inoperable for a long time, was now working as expected. Every day after, for more than a week, other players responded with glee that "ignore" was giving them relief from the nonsense. Unfortunately those with more responsible characters could not afford that option.
  • I have never insulted the Player Vashmere nor his Computer. If I had, he should produce evidence of such. However, it is clear that User Vashmere has threatened me Personally here without cause. Recluse


Put Abington propaganda where it belongs - in an Abby newspaper. Don't deface Kybcyell pages with it. - Revan

The page "Atamara/Wayburg" is not a Kybcyell page. My edit more accurately reflects the entire history of the region. Revan reverted it to an edit that favored Kybie propaganda, as if the city sprung into existance due to the actions of Invaders from far off. Keep their propaganda to their own page, and let the page for the region reflect its Whole History. - Recluse
OK, I'm gonna just re-add in the historical/flavor bit about its fishing industry and trade routes etc. Problem solved, no propaganda. (?) House Olik 21:19, 3 August 2006 (CEST)
(RP)That'll do for now. History will correct and erase the errors committed by that rogue iinvasion. Recluse

Joke Images

Since your images were jokes, do you mind if I delete them? --Vita Family 09:01, 21 January 2009 (CET)

- - - Sure, go ahead. They have served their purpose. --Recluse 16:09, 22 January 2009 (CET)