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Well..LilWolf is playing again :)

I used to run the Deus family. Gained some fame, positions of responsibility, but then I got bored and decided to leave the game.

As luck has it, three months later I'm back..and I've got a new family now, called the Vasata Family

People have been asking why I didn't pause my account when I left. Well, first off, I really wasn't sure if I was going to come back. I thought this is it, no more, I'm done, adios amigo (turns out I was wrong *sigh*).

Second, I knew that if I came back, I would have a lot more fun starting fresh. Frankly, a family history filled with dukeships, council positions and so forth is more of a burden than anything else. Playing a family that has no mentionable positions is much more fun(at least for me). I can just sit back and enjoy the game, follow orders and have fun. I don't have to worry about negotiating a treaty with some hostile realm or think about troop formations. Simple, clean and fun, which is what this game should be all about..having fun.

About LilWolf

I'm a 25 year old player from Finland. I work as an systems specialist at an Finnish mobile phone operator/IT service company.


Well, the blog is still there, sort of. I've pretty much transformed it to serve up my hobby of sorts, which is writing stories. Mainly it's focused around a fantasy world I've created, though many pieces are still missing. The first chapter of the first story arc is there though :) Feel free to drop by, read up and leave a comment. - Tales from Balaria

Some writings

These writings were part of my weblog in the old wiki. I managed to save them and they're now stored on this page.

Beluaterra..a new beginning?

Posted by LilWolf on Sat 09 of Apr, 2005 [09:13 UTC] in the old wiki, in my weblog.

After a few months of dealing with undeads and monsters, it now seem that the invasion is over. This being BattleMaster, one can't be 100% sure though. So how does the situation look?

The south didn't see as much undeads and monsters as the north such Enweil, Luz de Bia(they did suffer a secession though, so they're not doing as hot as they could be) and Riombara have withstood what was thrown at them and have many regions left. They will be up and running in no time. On a positive note, it might give them some incentitive to found a few colonies. More realms=more wars=more fun.

The north was hit very hard. 4 realms were completely wiped out and the rest were left with one or two regions. If the trend is what it was last time, we will see Old Grehk, Ashborn, Mesh, Fronen, Plergoth and Melhed grow to a large size(20+ regions) in a month or two. There's lots of rogue regions around to grab and nothing to stop you, aside a few undead/monster units here and there.

So what do we get? We have 9-10 realms, all of which have the potential to grow to a huge size. Will it happen? I think it's very likely that a good portion of them will. Sounds familiar? Rings a bell in my mind too.

The invasion has been different from the last time, so it might very well bring us different results. It is the players that play the game, Tom merely provides us with the sets. I hope the players learned from last time, what the result is from having a bunch of big realms. I hope we'll see more rulers playing the game, instead of preparing for the next invasion. If the rulers don't get it, I hope the regular troopleaders get bored enough and do something about it. I for one will not stand for a realm that just sits there and hordes gold, incase there's a next undead invasion.

We have a good chance at putting together an interesting island with lots of wars. I just hope us players realize it and work at bringing it into reality. This is, of course, assuming that the invasion really is over..

The burden of leadership

Posted by LilWolf on Mon 11 of Apr, 2005 [21:48 UTC] in the old wiki, my weblog

During my days in playing BattleMaster I've been in many of the council positions. I've been a general, a judge, a banker and for a short time, a ruler. All the positions have one thing in common - the burden of leadership. Some of the positions have more, some have less, but they all have it. Lets take a look at those burdens.

The general

From my experience this is the most cumbersome job of them all. Co-ordinating the army of one realm is a big job in itself, but when you add to that 2 or 3 allied armies and the effort to act together in a cohesive manner, the job suddenly becomes huge. You have to think of the proper troopsettings, when to move, where to move..there's just so much you have to do that you'll end up using a lot of time with the game.

When you make a mistake as a general, it usually has consequenses that get noticed in a hurry. And why not? If a general makes a lot of mistake you could end up loosing your whole realm. How's that for burden?

The judge I loathed this position. In most realms you basicly become the errandboy of the whole realm. You have to run around the realm and hold courts all day. On top of that, you usually get put in charge of region upkeep so you have to keep a close eye on all the regions and the troopleaders assigned to region upkeep. If a region gets in bad shape and stays like that for a while, you're sure to get barked at by your realm(mainly the other council members).

If the region maintenance wasn't enough, you have to keep an eye out for suspicious characters. That's not an easy job. You have to track their movements and actions, again, making you put up time to do it.

The banker

The banker has the responsibility of handling the food distribution in the realm. He also sets the taxes. In an established realm the job is pretty laid back. You don't have to figure out the food distribution scheme from ground up, unlike if you're in a freshly started realm. In such a case it can be cumbersome to think of the best distribution model. A bad model will leave regions starving, which is bad, and can cause big trouble for the realm. All in all..I think it's the best position in the council. You get some responsibility, but nothing too much, and the burden isn't too much.

The ruler

When I was elected ruler, it was for a realm that was going to die with 100% certainty. I didn't get to be in the position for long. The ruler does hold a great burden though..the policies and diplomatic skills determine how the realm will do. Pissing off a lot of people(you could call it the Julma Jaune tactic) won't get your realm very far.

Now you're probably thinking "What is this guy trying to say with this ramble?" Here's the idea, short and sweet: Leadership takes time, it puts you responsible for your actions and mistakes(in a way that goes beyond a normal troopleaders responsibilities). Make sure you have the time..if you don't just tick the refusal boxes in your paperwork and save everyone the trouble.

Beluaterra - Predicting the future

Posted by LilWolf on Tue 24 of May, 2005 [21:05 UTC] in the old wiki, my weblog

After my last post on the situation on Beluaterra a lot of things have happened. The invasion seemed over, but then it began again. Undead spawned in the thousands, wrecking what we had been able to rebuild and causing more damage to the southern realms. Now the undead spawnings have stopped, but there's still a lot of them around, preventing us from attempting any take overs.

Now, that was the current situation. Lets look at what the future holds. The main problems the realms are facing right now are 1. lack of food and 2. lack of gold.

Problem 1 is easy to solve. Take over food producing regions. Problem 2 makes it hard to actually do what's needed to solve problem 1. Few realms have the army to face the undead in an open field. The island is basicly at a point where, if you loose a considerable part of your army, you'll die. So people are being carefull and not attacking undeads in open field. Mainly they're just waiting for an opening and hoping the undead groups just suicide against high level walls.

However, the biggest problem for the future is, the undead have lowered the population in every region to such low numbers, that even if we took it over, it would take weeks, even months to get production up in that region. This is a difference to the last invasion. Back then, population didn't affect production. Now it does and it will slow down the recovery of the island in a considerable manner. We'll have less food and less gold to work with -> it'll take longer to have a functioning realm -> starting colonies will be put off because the regions are in bad shape.

Under these circumstances, rebuilding will be painfull and it will take a long time. I fear it will discourage realms from starting colonies, because the colonies will need considerable support from the mother realm, in terms of food and gold. If we have a functioning island before christmas, I'll be surprised.