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I've been thinking for a while about some changes that would, in my view, significantly increase the strategic nature of war in BattleMaster, as well as add some other new levels of interest, and do so, generally, by helping it to more accurately model real life. I have been hesitant to post them to the discussion list, because, as anyone who frequents it knows, such a topic would get sidetracked, hijacked, and finally simply axed, at least half of the actual good suggestions to improve my proposals would get lost in the melee, and long before Tom has time to implement such things, it would all be forgotten. (At least, in the worst case scenario.)

Thus, the Wiki seems like a much better place to suggest such things, because I can actually incorporate into my proposals good ideas that people suggest on the Talk pages, and ignore the others, and the actual proposal will remain in place until Tom can either implement it or reject it—and even if he *does* reject it in one form, or for being too difficult to implement right now, it can remain, and be revised, and if he sees it again in another year, he might change his mind (which may be important with some of them, complicated as they may be to implement).

And so, without further ado, the proposals, with indications of how complex I see them to be at present.

Older Proposals


  • Blockade - moderately simple (no combat changes, largely suppression of options)




New Proposals