Toren Herald

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Toren News Header.png
Founder: Averyll
Editor in Chief: Nami
Staff Writers:
Gaius Julius
In the beginning, there was only Tor, and the beginning has a lot in common with the end. Price: Pious Loyalty

The Toren Herald was founded by Averyll Arete on November 6th of 2006 as the official newspaper of Toren (SEI). The position of Editor in Chief was created to oversee the publication of each issue, and many nobles of Toren have contributed articles to the newspaper. Below is a list of all the issues published to date.

Issue Number Issue Date Contributors
Issue 1 Nov, 2006 Averyll
Issue 2 Jan, 2007 Karibash
Issue 3 Mar, 2007 Nami, Gaius Julius
Issue 4 Apr, 2007 Nami, Karibash
Issue 5 May, 2007 Fisc