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Semantic NewsFebruary 11, 2011
Along with some recent updates to the overall community atmosphere of the game, we're also trying to make some updates to the Semantic Wiki portion of this site. The Semantic Wiki is what lets us do the cool stuff like automatically updating region and realm pages, duchy lists, family and character stats, etc., without anyone having to actually edit the page. I think we've found a way to keep the semantic data fresh. Or at least no more than a day or two out of date, at worst. There's a script that runs in the background on the wiki to do it, but starting it is a manual process. So long as I remember to run that script every other day, things will go great. Maybe once Tom gets a chance, he can find a way to run that on a cron job or something.

Also, we are working on fixing the issues with the [[part of:: ]] property that prevent us from telling if a region is not part of a duchy, or if it is part of the region or the duchy, if the duchy and realm happen to have the same name. One possible solution is to use a Record type property. These used to be known as "many valued properties". The final resolution will have to wait, though, until some possible ideas for estate/region/duchy changes get debated by the dev team. Once that is resolved, we can see exactly what we need to do to get the semantic wiki to work with that, too. Exciting stuff. If, you know, you're into that kind of thing...