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OK, I realize it was a little forward to post such an important page without running it by everyone, but I really think you all will like it.

The basic idea is that the BattleMaster Basics section of the manual should be almost entirely roleplayed. I went with Tom's earlier idea, and embellished a bit and tried to make sure it would apply to a variety of cases (it's even gender-neutral!). The answers to the "questions" would also be roleplayed, which is why they're not links to the regular articles -- those links will be embedded in the answer pages, though.

So, what do you all think? --Dolohov 23 July 2005 06:50 (CEST)

I like it. I say we make the wooden badger into a running joke. :-)-- Nicholas July 23, 2005 20:46 (CEST)
Yeah, I pretty much just wanted a manual page entitled "giant wooden badger". Besides, it never actually says anywhere in the game what exact type of siege engines these are. --Dolohov 23 July 2005 21:26 (CEST)
When you mentioned a giant wooden badger, I thought of something along the lines of the trojan horse. -- Nicholas July 25, 2005 02:47 (CEST)

Also, I linked a few of the words in the article, (e.g. King, Healer, Keplerstan, etc. ) I'm not sure if the basics page should have that many links though. It might be a little overwhelming. Please discuss. -- Nicholas July 23, 2005 20:46 (CEST)

I kept the number of links down on purpose for that reason. I think the secondary pages should be thoroughly linked, with plenty of "See Also:" type references, but it might be better if this one were kept mostly free of links. --Dolohov 24 July 2005 17:03 (CEST)

I like this thing. It's a good introduction. Good work! --Tom 24 July 2005 22:17 (CEST)

Should this be moved?

Tom brought up the point somewhere else that this is more of an introduction than the Basics page that someone would be looking for when clicking that link. So, I copied the text and such over, and created these: Dolohov:BattleMaster Basics and Dolohov:Intro. Basically, I copied the non-roleplay text over the the Basics page, which I fleshed out with the bare essentials (messaging, travel, bulletins). Then the Intro is all of the roleplay, but none of the non-RP content. It'll need a bit more work to stand alone, but I think I know what ought to be done. --Dolohov 28 July 2005 22:35 (CEST)


Unless there are any objections, I intend to delete the current page (which would clear the history, and replace it with the one linked to from my user page. The current page will become the new Introduction page. --Dolohov 30 July 2005 01:29 (CEST)

Someone Make Subpages, Please

All the Basics_(something) pages should be moved to subpages, I think. I'll start, but someone else should complete the work. --Tom 1 August 2005 11:34 (CEST)