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  • Physical Appearance: Identical twin of Hireshmont Vellos-Stefanovic II. Tall, red hair (like his mother), fair skinned, brown eyes. Much of Valachi's body is covered in ritual scars and tattoos, the most notable being the black serpent winding down his arm, eventually forming into the ankh of the old Church of Teros on his palm.
  • Weapon of Choice: N/A
  • History:

Valachi was one of two twins born of Retravic Slayer-Vellos, wife of Hireshmont. At the time of their birth, Hireshmont was King of Irombrozia. Retravic had been Prime Minister of the Republic of Fwuvoghor shortly beforehand. Named by Retravic, it was decided by Retravic and Hireshmont that Valachi would be the Prince of The Republic of Fwuvoghor, a mostly superficial title at the time.

Soon after his birth there was a revolution in RoF and a monarchy was established, with Retravic as Queen. Hiresmont and Retravic decided that Hireshmont II would be Crown Prince of Irombrozia, making Valachi the Prince, but not Crown Prince, but taking the title of Crown Prince of The People's Republic of Fwuvoghor.

When Valachi came of age, he took up what his mother, Retravic, and his Uncle, Capone, had been driven from. He traveled north, to the Republic of Fwuvoghor, seeking to bring about it's destruction. After much politicking and a few months, Valachi acquired the title of Baron of Orombo. Eventually, he met LouisJoseph Chenier, who introduced Valachi to the Blood Cult. In this new religion he saw the remnants of the faith that had been stolen from his family, and it was to the Blood Cult he dedicated himself. Valachi had stepped down from the battlefield of the sword into the battlefield of the word.

Valachi's dedication to The Blood Cult did not go unnoticed. The power oligarchy in the Republic feared what it did not understand, just as it had feared The Church of Teros. Tensions steadily grew until Valachi was accused of treason, and before the baseless accusations could be acted on, he took his region and knights to the realm of Avalon. From his sanctuary in Avalon, Valachi slowly converted the area to his faith, as he and other members of the Blood Cult began to orchestrate the death of the Republic of Fwuvoghor, and the birth of a new kingdom.