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Continent East Continent
Family Ni'Tessine Family
Class Adventurer
Age 27 years (now dead)
Honour 22
Prestige 13
Rank Freeman
Realm Sirion
Karden NiTessine.jpg

The illegitimate half-brother of Corwyn, Karden Ni'Tessine is was an adventurer by trade. He is well aware that Lucas Ni'Tessine was his father. Indeed, while he was raised in a different home he was all the same known and welcome by Corwyn and Lucas (though not by Lucas' wife of course). The Ni'Tessine's were still just commoners at this point, and lived in a relatively small community. Karden and Corwyn in fact grew up together, Karden being only two years older than Corwyn, and they used to play games together along with Erkenbrand Rilacher and the other youth of the area.

That all changed when the Ni'Tessine family was recognized as nobility, however. Corwyn quickly distanced himself from his childhood friend and half-brother. For his part Karden understands the sudden change in Corwyn's attitude, though it hurts all the same. Though Corwyn would disavow any association with Karden, and for his part Karden has not mentioned his last name, the two still keep in contact. Corwyn feeds him information from his scribes, and Karden has taken to hunting undead and monsters in the area around Corwyn's estate.

On May 25th in the year 2010 Karden discovered the Bloody Warhammer of Battle, a unique and legendary item, while following up on rumors of undead and monsters in Parm.

Only a short time afterward, Karden then discovered the Mighty Club of Battle on June 20th of the same year. From word of mouth, he eventually learnt that this was a unique item that the Prime Minister of Sirion had lost not two weeks prior. Without any delay, he immediately arranged to return the item to its rightful owner.

Karden then offered to arrange for the repair of a prestigious ring for Sir Erik Eyolf, Judge of Sirion. After finding a number of sages to repair it and then returning it to the Judge, Karden gained a bit of renown. Soon after leaving Judge Erik's encampment however he was arrested and beaten up by Lord Toshuk Vlad. This event naturally angered Judge Erik who had just hired Karden, and of course also angered his half-brother Count Corwyn.

Karden was released shortly thereafter, and he fled away from Lord Toshuk. He's since been contacted by the judge again, this time to repair the famous Sturdy Chain Mail of the Maiden, the most prestigious item on all the continents.

During this time he had been traveling regularly with Stephanie, a fellow adventurer. They had done well together, often aiding one another in their quests to find and defeat undead and monsters. Stephanie was always the better adventurer, able to fight groups of creatures well beyond Karden's abilities, and as a consequence she was much richer as well. Shortly after finding a unique item, a vial of Faries' Oil, she was brought down by an undead champion. This was a terrible blow to Karden, and at first he retreated from the world. Then he desperately sought under every nook and crany for the Faries' Oil, hoping to find the item that meant so much to Stephanie. Days went by, and Karden traveled far, but he could not find it.

In his journeys however he encountered a relative of Stephanie's, a young adventurer by the name of Summer. This further motivated him to find the item, so as to give a memento to Summer so that she could always have something that was dear to Stephanie.

As he was scouring the land he started to hunt creatures again (undead in particular), and almost by accident he ran into an undead champion and its minions. The fight was fierce, but eventually Karden's blows landed true and the undead champion was in the end nothing but a pile of bones. In its den Karden recovered a glistening shield, the Valiant Guard of Piety.

A bit afterward, on Nov 13th 2010, Karden was captured by Fontan forces. He was in Sirion lands, in the region of Sermbar, but Fontan and the Sultanate of Asena were attacking it (though it was still under Sirion control). He was imprisoned and sent to Fontan prisons. There, on Nov 14th, he was tortured by Lady Gabriella Kinsey, Supreme Justice of Fontan. Shortly afterward, on Nov 15th, he was put to the sword and from his body Lady Gabriella store his unique item, the Valiant Guard of Piety.

Of course, you really shouldn't expect anything less from someone who as a hobby lists "making elf-ear necklaces".

Final Moments

While you are sitting in your cell in Fontan, one night the cell doors open and Lady Gabriella Kinsey, Supreme Justice of Fontan enters together with her torturer. Dragging you off, they make your nightmares come true.

As you regain consciousness the next morning, you feel your body in the worst possible way. You remember little of the night and are grateful for that.
Roleplaying notice: Torture is one of the worst things that can happen to a human being. Gabriella should be very high on your black list for this. But we will leave it to you whether or not to roleplay that.

Later on, you realize that your sword hand was crushed and you have lost 4 points of swordfighting skill.

Unique Items Lost
In your last moments, you regret that you will never be able to pass on any of your unique items to your heirs, as they are being taken from your cooling body.


Original land: close to Sermbar (?)

Avamar also granted a bonus

Unique Items Improved:

Unique Items Repaired:

Unique Items Acquired: