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This story was gathered by Gatherer Viktor during the reign of Queen Alanna in Pian en Luries. The other members of the realm council at that time were Lord William, Lord Proslyn and Lord Brom.

The Pirate of Poryatown

Long before the banners of Pian en Luries flew above the walls of Poryatown, the city existed as a center of commerce and trade within the untamed lands of Dwilight. Wealthy merchants crafted and sold their wares among the many markets while artisans and scholars conducted research and created art for the citizens to enjoy.

Residents from across the continent flocked to the city for its prosperity and safety. No enemy could hope to approach the city by land, as the massive battlements and fortified towers could easily repulse even the strongest infantry. The elite garrison present within the walls deterred any seaborne invasion as well. Poryatown offered the rare feature of security in a region so fraught with danger and death.

Though the city could defend itself against foes of sizeable strength, a new opponent soon emerged that proved difficult to defeat: pirates. Utilizing swift ships and rapid attacks, these sea raiders began plundering the many trading vessels that crossed the ocean lanes to Poryatown. The modest fleet of the Duke was unable to police all of the waters surrounding the city, and merchant craft losses began to rise.

The most dangerous and daring of the pirates was a captain called Rixyn. Rumored to have honed his skills battling the monsters of Beluaterra, Rixyn was unmatched in combat and unrestrained by fear. His ship would silently descend upon unsuspecting merchants, often ramming the vessel to prevent its escape. He would lead the boarding charge himself, with few craft surrendering after more than a few moments of struggle.

The naval commanders of Poryatown sets traps time and again for the famed pirate, but each occasion he managed to elude their grasp and escape into the night. Traders began to keep their ships in port, unwilling to risk their goods in the treacherous waters. Nobles began pressuring the Duke of the city, as their gold spent to defeat the pirate only ended up being pillaged by the sea dog himself.

With few options remaining to end the attacks, the Duke formed a clever plan to reclaim the maritime borders of his city. Writing a letter by his own hand to Rixyn, the Duke demanded that the pirate not only cease his attacks against Poryatown but also drive off the other raiding vessels that looted their shores. In return, the city would be offered as a safe haven to Rixyn to dock his vessels and store his treasures.

The pirate lord accepted, and the seas of the city began to drastically change. Rixyn and his flotilla mercilessly sunk any bandit vessels that approached the Duke’s waters, with none of his former rivals able to contend in naval warfare. Trade began to flourish once again, with merchants who once cursed the pirate’s name now grateful for his assistance.

Using his gains to build an estate within the city, Rixyn began to stockpile his treasures. Gold, gemstones, spices and rare metals filled his rooms. His ships were constructed from the finest wood available. Gossip circulated that he even outranked members of the nobility in his prestige.

While his assets continued to grow, so did the jealousy of his crew. Many had been granted minor riches themselves but most envied the boundless wealth of their captain. The first mate attempted to keep the men in line and informed Rixyn of their discontentment. The pirate lord seemed to pay this little mind, confident he would tame this threat as he had all the rest.

During a stormy night within the walls of Poryatown, masses of torches gathered outside the sea dog’s estate. The crew suddenly stormed the doors of Rixyn’s mansion, surrounding the captain and first officer in his great hall. When the rabble demanded that their commander give up all his treasures, the battle-hardened man simply laughed.

A grand skirmish ensued, with captain and first officer striking down scores of their former crew. Midshipmen and oarsmen were felled next to seamen and coxswains. The more sailors that were slain, however, the more that joined into the fray. Rixyn and his first mate found themselves backed against a wall, staring down still dozens of murderous men. As he prepared to raise his sword once again, the great pirate lord was suddenly cut down by a familiar blade, that of his own first officer.

As he staggered to the ground, Rixyn began a howling cackle. The first mate ordered the crew to search the mansion for the treasures, but each room they entered they found devoid of all valuables. The sea dog continued to laugh as the traitors realized the riches were gone, hidden by the vigilant captain. In a rage that first mate plunged his sword into the chest of his former superior, but none present that night would ever forget the pirate lord’s laugh.

The mansion has long since fallen into disrepair, with few having any reason to enter those blooded grounds. Though the secret location of the treasures may have died with Rixyn, there might still be fortune to be found within the old and buried walls of Poryatown.