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"How can I make sure I get along with my fellow troop leaders?"

"Well, there's no sure-fire way to get along with people, but I would expect that if you keep in mind that all of you are from noble families and as such have certain rights, you'll do just fine."

Confused, you ask him to explain further.

"What? You don't believe you're a noble? Do you farm, hunt, make armour or work in the mines? No, you're a noble and you better damn well act like it! What you have to remember is that, yes, your family is wealthy compared to the townspeople, but when you mingle with your fellow troop leaders, some of them come from old and highly respected families. Some places are more serious about it than others, like Dwilight, but you shouldn't worry about that. Just keep your mouth shut and your eyes open and you'll be fine."

With this, Uncle Frederik sits back down in his chair by the table. Turning his head toward you, he continues:

"Speaking of which, that's a good tip for you: If someone comes from a highly respected family, it's not a good idea to mouth off to them! It won't make you any friends - but what am I saying? You wouldn't do that, you've got too much class! As a matter of fact, that reminds me of the time when my master wanted to know who was in charge - mind you, he had just joined up and didn't know the general from the banker! Anyways, he spent the first day or so learning who sent the most messages, who made jokes and who issued the important orders. At the end of the day, he still didn't know who everybody was, but he knew who to ask for help and who to listen to for orders and such!"

Getting along with your fellow players is the single most important thing in this game. Without it, no realms would survive and everything would be chaos.

A good rule to follow would be this: if in doubt, bite your tongue. Or since this is typing: if in doubt, close the window. If you can't seem to work something out with your realm-mates, it may be time to find a new realm.