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Price: 2 Gold Coins Creator and Editor: Kainaq Issue Number: 6
Three realms now remain, only one can be victorious, there can be only war.

Editorial note: Articles from other realms will be welcome, more information is available in the discussion section

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= Victory in Falens, Taselaks King Captured =
Date: January 23rd, 2006

The seemingly inevitable epic battle between Ikalak and Taselak has finally taken place. Taselaks highly trained and well equipped force fresh from Taselak city charged into the weary Ikalakian army which had already been in the field for 10 days. The forces were almost perfectly matched, with Taselak having the smallest of advantages in sheer combat power. With no walls to aid Taselak this time it was the first even battle in the second war's history. The infantry of both Taselak and Ikalak charged forward, advancing in two waves while death rained from above as hundreds of archers let loose. With the infantry engaged in fierce combat the Ikalakian calvary charged in and smashed the first wave of Ikalakian infantry, cutting down enemy calvary in there wake. Cronos the King of Taselak was captured in the confusion. From there on the meat grinder begun with wave of infantry fighting infantry however the damage was already done. Taselaks second line of infantry retreated or fled leaving Taselaks last line of elite archers finally open, with one last mighty charge, the infantry and calvary of Ikalak tore asunder the remaining Taselak forces securing the most important victory on the island so far.

With there king captured, there army laying in ruins and Toren marching down on them once more it is difficult to see how Taselak will manage to recover from this. It seems without there walls to hide behind, Taselak cant win, and will the Ikalak army destroying recuitment centres and walls alike throughtout Taselaks land it seems there last real advance strongpoint on the Island for Taselak is Belus.

This battle was not without loss however, Loius one of Ikalaks finest knights was kiled in the battle by mass archer fire from the enemy. His loss will be avenged. Such tragedys are sadly common on the Island where there can be only war.

= Dark Tidings! =
Date: December 31st, 2006

Monsters and Undead now roam the South-East Island in hoards and small warbands. How they got here is unclear although Belutaterra is the likely the original source. Although some claim that this is the result of unholy magics gone wrong. However the peasents are stil far more concerned with the ever increasing battles that result in looting rape and pillaging of lands by occuping forces. One can not hope but wonder whether this means that the peasents are made of stronger stuff here or that this war is ever increasing in its brutality.

Epic battle in Cirranor
Date: February 11th, 2007

An almighty battle took place on the 6th of February. Jair led the Ikalak forces into battle against the well trained Taselak Hoard, with Taselak having just a minor advantage in strength while Ikalak had slightly greater numbers. The battle was incredibly fierce as the infantry and calvary of Taselak crashed into the Ikalakian Infantry wall. After a fierce fight Taselak finnaly broke through the first wave of infantry however it was this that sealed there fate. The Ikalakian heavy calvary which had been deployed at the back of the Ikalakian army, dug in and sheltered from enemy archers, suddenly charged with devastating effect. The Taselakian infantry buckled and Ikalak Infantry quickly broke through dispatching the second wave of infantry with ease before finnaly slaughtering the hapless archers at the back of Taselaks battleline. Taselak had little to comment about this, there paper was even more vague. The Taselakian force was totally wiped out while the Ikalakian army stayed in Cirranor relativly intact.

The Taselak tribune main statement over this battle was...

"Dozens of nobles from both sides were wounded or captured"

This was certianly true. 13 Ikalakian nobles were wounded and 2 were captured. Taselak were less fortunate with 12 wounded and 13 captured. Battles of this size always end with hundreds of lives lost. The Ikalakian times expresses its regret for those who have lost there lives.

Current politics
December 31st, 2006

Forget about Taselakian politics. Forget about Toren politics. The real action is in Ikalak where both Judge and Priminister posistions are likely to change. Nobles have been launching massive campaigns in order to become the new Priminister or Judge respectivly. We should get the results shortly. More information will be delivered when we get it. Goodluck to all those campaining.

Contradiciting statements?? AGAIN?
Date: December 7th, 2006

Two heads are ussualy better then one. This is the way of the world... with one acception it seems. Only Taselak could run a paper where its many editors seem to plan condraticing statements. Just who are they trying to fool? Perhaps the illiterate peasents? We will probally not get an answer to that from the tribune, it seems they dont like to answer questions that make them look silly.

In there current paper there most active editor Dennis went on and on about a possible allaince between Toren and Taselak running high in the Taselak council after Ikalak apparent no show. they then went on to say Ikalak was using them.

Ikalak are using them.

The good news is that the powers that be in Toren by just be coming around to our point of view. In the high circles of Taselak, rumours are rife of a possible ceasefire between Toren and Taselak. If this should happen, it would bring about what we have hoped for for so long. An alliance between the underdogs against the big bad baddy, Ikalak. (writtten by Dennis)

Mischa former Queen of Taselak had a very different statement to make... Amazingly Toren have been able to complete two simultaneous TOs. How did they manage this feat do you ask? Why Ikalak let them of course! How else would Toren be able to do it? They had Ikalak run interference to Taselak while they completed the TOs. (wriiten by Mischa)

Both these statements are clearly contradiciting each other therefor the Ikalakian times can see only three possbilities...

  • Dennis the chief editor for the paper is lying and there for 90% of the paper in inaccurate.
  • Mischa is lying in which case the very council of Taselak is lying to its own people.
  • Both are lying in an attempt to gain a minor boost of morale before Toren overuns there regions while Ikalak harrases there armies.

So which is it Taselak....

Recent events on the South-East Island
December 31st, 2006

Battle in Seggelin - Taselak cs Toren - Taselak victory

Huge battle in Falens - Ikalak vs Taselak - Ikalak victory

Huge battle in Seggelin - Taselak vs Toren - Toren victory

Battle in Belus - Ikalak vs Taselak - Taselak victory

Taselak takes Seggelin

Battle in Eledir - Toren vs Taselak - Taselak victory

Battle in Eraus - Taselak vs Ikalak - Taselak victory

Battle in Moeth - Taselak vs Toren - Taselak victory

Huge battle in Cirannor - Taselak vs Ikalak - Taselak victory

Ikalak takes Figobar

Toren takes Neralle

Battle in Seggelin - Toren vs Taselak - Toren victory

Gilgamesh elected Priminister of Ikalak