Ex Gratio de Fronen

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Ex Gratio de Fronen

The Ex Gratio de Fronen guild was founded on 1 January 2013 by Arianna Sherry Conan noble of Fronen.

This guild specialises in the demise of Monsters and undead. It was founded for the sole purpose of getting them back into their caves, graves, and abysses.

The intention is to organise adventurers and noble all over Beluaterra, to get a clear insight in the actions and adventures of those below the ranks of nobles and their progress in fighting rogue. There are three main & Elder guild houses, in Jyl, Sheja and Marpii.

Location of Ex Gratio Hall

Interested noble/adv may signed up at the following guildhouse location:

The 'D' Hall - Jyl (Fronen)

The Elder Hall - Sheja (Fronen)

The Blood Hall - Seven Rivers (Melhed)

The Dark Hall - Ippetimbal (Fronen)

The Merines Hall - Marpii (Fronen)

The Wind Hall - Tindle (Fronen)

The Spiritual Hall - Vale (Fronen)

The Capital Hall - Wudenkin (Fronen)

The Pryde Hall - Ypsilanti (Nothoi)

Rank in Ex Gratio de Fronen

True History of Ex Gratio Hall

• First guild house, known as The 'D' Hall was build at Jyl. Officially use as main and elder hall, to discuss any application from new member. Name after the history of D Conan family.

• Second guild house, known as The Elder Hall was build at Sheja. Officially use as main and elder hall, to discuss any application from new member. Other name, The Gerousia Hall, given by the founder for great help from lord of Sheja at the first month after founded.

• Third guild house, known as The Blood Hall was build at Seven Rivers. Many new member from Melhed signed up here and joined the rank of Ex Gratio. Get his name from one incident between Bloodspeaker followers and Daishi noble. Finally, being solve as it only misunderstanding but cause many casualties.

• 4th guild house, known as The Dark Hall, build at Ippetimbal, mountain of gold. With the increases of member, Ippetimbal was choose for the next guild house. Name after the Darkhouse family.

• 5th guild house, knows as The Merines Hall located in Marpii. Being the 3rd elder and main guild house of Ex Gratio. Name after the vilage of Merines and the majority race at Marpii; The Merines. This people has long history with legend weapon, Keris..

• 6th guild house, knows as The Wind Hall - located at the land of food, Tindle. This guild house have special hidden hall, created to save people from strong wind. Become one of important place at Tindle, also strategic place to attract more adv and noble to join Ex Gratio.

• 7th guild house, knows as The Spiritual Hall build at Vale by Sir Kai, lord of Vale. And after many name suggest for the new hall, Spiritual Hall was choose; name suggest by Sir Kai. Spiritual refers to evolutionary process to drives Ex Gratio forward, with hope to get atleast one member and one guild house for every realm at Beluaterra.

• 8th guild house, at Wudenkin, name as The Capital Hall. This large guild house will be use to store any important letter, scroll and anything related to guild.

• 9th guild house, in Ypsilanti, Nothoi. Name as The Pryde Hall. Build by High Priestess Yao Ling of Daishi. This new guild house is first guild house being build in Nothoi. Lady Arianna name this guild house in conjunction with the family name of Yao Ling, Pyrde. With this 1st guild house in Nothoi, "Thousand of Hope from Arianna to get more member from southern of Beluaterra."

Unique item Trade Database

"Monomania is our Vision"