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A Brief Introduction to the Colonies Monthly Ledger

This is the news from the West Island known in modern terms as the Colonies. Colony realms maintain a journal on the happenings within their respective realms here. The rules of reporting are simple; this is tabloid or yellow journalism, and no one cares about tabloid outside outside of their own realm. Battle reports, alliances, and diplomacy are for diplomats and scribes. There will be no mention of other realms unless in a direct quote from a noble in another realm. This is not a political propaganda rag either.

No one really cares about those things... but did you see what the King was wearing to the state dance thrown in the new Treasurers honour. For shame! It looks like he had just come of the front line and didn't even bother to bathe... I guess that goes to show the Treasurer what the King thinks of him! This reporter can see a cat fight in their future.

Reporters should tell us about what what is happening that defines realm for what it is and how the very bedrock of its society and social structure works

Ye Old Newstand

Defunct Newspapers



Are you a budding journalist just itching to find out about how you can begin to spread rumours and breaking news throughout your realm? Do you want to learn how best to present just how the General fell off his horse into a pig trough yesterday? If the answer is yes, then please visit our headquarters for resources and extra information on journalism.