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Banner15.jpg The Alebadian Rag

General To Step Down (Issue VI)

Earlier today, while hunting retreated Oritolon troops in the numerous groves and vinyards of Abaka, the following statement was issued by Paladin Primus Ilsa November announcing her intentions to abdicate the office of Paladin Primus to another at the end of the month.


These are, without doubt, trying times for our Alebad. The summer soldier and the sunshine Troop Leader will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their realm; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of every man and woman. Tyranny and greed, like Hell, are not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value.1

I do not wish to see any friend's blood spilled at the gates of Abaka by Oritolon archers nor at the points of Lukon swords in Bode Batura unless I have the opportunity to bleed alongside him. My desire is to spend a season fighting.

Therefore, I have changed my Paperwork settings to refuse any government position in the elections next week and, thusly, will be stepping down from the office of Paladin Primus after those elections.

It is my hope that my replacement would continue to communicate openly with our allies to coordinate the subduing of our enemies. Specifically, to rid Alebad’s lands of her foes, put efforts into shoring up her defenses, follow swiftly with a proactive assisted assault on Lukon soil, and begin the first steps toward the reestablishment of the lost realm of Portion.

Lukon Rolls through Rola into Bode (Issue V)

The ever-looming giant Lukon has turned its wrath once again upon the realm of Alebad. After several days of looting, Lukon has begun a Brutal Takeover of the windswept plains of Bode Batura. Skeptics point to the incredible distance between the aggressor’s capital and their latest conquest asking "How could they possibly hold a region that far away?" Those whose dreams are still haunted by the weeping children of the army of Portion know otherwise.

Welcome Back (Issue IV)

Much to their surprise, Alebadian Troop Leaders awoke to the shouts of heralds proclaiming Volkanita's secession from Outer Tilog control and the local peasants' reluctant requests to be admitted back into Alebad. This is, of course, not the first time that the Alebadian Chalice has flown over Volkanita. Longtime citizens will recall that the region has changed hands between Outer Tilog and Alebad on a handful of occasions. Time will tell if such a power shift will indeed occur, or if the Outer Tilogian Council will decide the "revolting" peasantry would make a pleasant dinner instead!

Abaka Handover Complete, Alebad Looks to Shed Old Stigma (Issue III)

With the region of Abaka returned to its longtime home-realm, Alebad began massive efforts to stregthen the region's infrastructure. The resulting boosts in loyality and production have paid off, allowing Alebad's leaders to focus on improving diplomatic relations with other realms. Even relations with Alowca have been improved to a healthy, steady Peace. Cursed with a dark history of turning on allies and ignoring treaties, Alebad has had to go to great lengths to make amends, including committing troops to aid in the foreign affairs of some of her neighbors. For the first time in many moons, Alebad can boast of Peace-level diplomatic relations with every other realm on the island (save a "Neutral" status with Assassins).

Promising News from the Alowcan front! (Issue II)

Rumors of an agreement between Margrave, Pontifex of Alowca, and Kenni, Pontifex of Alebad, suggest the possible peaceful handover of Abaka to the realm of Alebad. Details of the agreement are still sketchy, but after much discussion and debate (aided perhaps by a long occupation by Alebadian troops), it appears that the war between the former, friendly realms is coming to a close.

Background on the Current Hostilities with Alowca (Issue I)

Formerly a region of Alebad (fairly long ago), Abaka, now a region of Alowca, has served as a constant point of diplomatic friction between the two, once "Peace level", realms. Several attempts were made to come to some agreement concerning the region of Abaka. Plans for an Alliance between Alebad and Alowca were even discussed. Unfortunately, the ruler of Alowca, Crystal, would literally promise one thing in the morning, then retract that promise by the same evening; at times, howling that Alebad was unfairly manipulating the situation, among other outlandish claims. Their ruler's fickleness was akin to a multiple personality disorder. After a failed attempt by Lukon to overtake the tiny realm of Alebad and increased pressure from Giblot on their northern front, a Cease Fire was brokered between Alebad and Lukon. This agreement opened the doors for improved diplomatic relations between Alebad and Oritolon, an ally of Lukon (to Peace). For reasons of their own, Oritolon was eager to strike a blow at Alowca, and Alebad was eager to reclaim the lost Abaka. In response to a declaration of war by Alebad, Alowca began a massive troop buildup in Abaka (which borders the capital of Alebad). Alebad signed a treaty with Oritolon and joined them in an attack on Abaka to expel the Alowcan trespassers. As per the treaty, Alebad will retake Abaka and join it once again it to the Alebadian realm.