Brilliant Arrow of Battle

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Type Weapon
Discovered By Avhienda
Discovery Date 2013-09-22
Discovery Location Alebad, Colonies
Abilities Prestige +7
Current Owner Avhienda

A Brilliant Find

As Avhienda was walking the streets of Alebad, after a very relaxing bath, she heard a scuttle in a dark alley to her right. She creeped to the corner and peered around to see a large undead Champion lurking beneath an open window. This was her first chance to take down a Champion! As Avhienda crept ever closer, she startled the creature by shouting and quickly flipped behind it and severed its head. As she was appreciating that her feet's cleanliness had not been compromised, she noticed a shiny pointy thing within the crumbled bones of the champion. She reached down delicately and withdrew a sparkling arrow. Holding it carefully with both hands she admired its brilliance. It will be difficult for her to part with this! Overjoyed with her discovery, she quickly hid it in her robe and slipped through the night to her room to study it.