Brightblade Family

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Brightblade Family

Beginning their lives on the East Island the Brightblade Family was at first very quiet and laid pretty low. But as of late they have started to take active roles in their realms. Slowly they are bonding with their brothers in arms and forging glory and honor for themselves and their realms.


Kiani began her life in the Realm of Ibladesh. After fighting and spilling blood for them she was confronted with a problem. Ibladesh was at war with Perdan, and her sister Stacheh was fighting for them. She began thinking of ways to avoid having to confront her sister on the field of battle. Having news that her Stacheh was approaching from the north to attack the region she was currently in Kiani retreated south into the realm of Itorunt. She swore and oath with the current ruler of Zawr and in turn became a Knight of Itorunt. From then till on she has served faithfully her new family. And has gained the trust of them. Recently she was given the honor of becoming Second in Command of The Golden Dragon's Army. She will continue to serve Itorunt now and on into the future and help write her families name into the history books.