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The Assassins

Saints of The Guild

Becoming a "Saint of The Guild" (Saint for short) is one of the highest honors an Assassin noble can receive. This is a title given to those who have shown great dedication to the realm and their fellow nobles. Whether through years of faithful service, or a few important actions, they have done something worthy of respect. The first step of becoming a Saint is being nominated by a fellow realm mate, the nomination must then be accepted by a member of the realm's council.

A nomination is honor enough for many, they are not thrown around lightly. But once the nomination is accepted the decision to make someone a Saint will be put up for the entire realm to vote on, and requires a two-thirds majority to pass. The only exception to this being, the dictator has the ability to skip the voting and simply make someone a Saint on the spot.

The title of "Saint of The Guild" cannot be stripped from someone for any reason, save for the most dire of offenses towards the Assassins. Once someone becomes a Saint, they are a Saint for life...or death. A person does not have to be alive to become a Saint, they may have been dead for years. A Saint who dies serving the Assassins is given the title Saint-Martyr.

Saints are regarded as heroes by peasants and nobles alike. But every Saint has one important duty that comes with such an honor, and that is to design a lesser award to be given under circumstances which they set. If the Saint is dead of course this can't be done, so the honor of designing the award is given to the next of kin if they are available, and if not a close friend.

Exceptional Assassins
This is a test page.In each of these boxes, eventually, an Assassin's name will be written.These guild members will be ones who have shown themselves worthy of one of the honors bestowed by the realm of Assassins.Beside the name will be a brief description of what they have done to deserve the award, and possibly a picture of the medal itself.
In addition, clicking on the name if it is underlined will lead to a page containing further details on what this shadow-dweller did to receive such honor.These awards are being designed to add atmosphere and flavor to the realm of Assassins, get newer players more involved, and keep old ones active.More boxes can be added by simply copying/pasting the table code I have written. Long live the Realm of Assassins!

The Assassins
The History
The Army of Shadows
Hall of the Fallen
Dark Citadel Times

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