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The Hall
of Fallen

Deep within the Dark Citadel, you will find a great room lit up with a brilliant white light. This is the Hall of Fallen Assassins, a place where we honor those who died defending the Guild. It is important to remember our heroes, so we try to create a sense of permanence. Our talented sculptors carve from stone life-like statues of the deceased, removing flaws and signs of age, and putting them in a heroic pose. Rather than be buried with their best armor and weapons, many knights instead have their finest equipment put on their statue. The skill of our artists is so great, most nobles on their first visit could not tell if they were sculptures or live people until they got up close. Although no one is buried here, this is the place where we mourn and pay our respects. The lighting some suspect, is done by a system of mirrors that redirects the small light of the sun. But they never can explain how it still stays lit up at night....... So please take a moment to honor those we have lost. OOC: This is still under construction.

Timarvay Moonseek

A statue of Timarvay stands within the hall. It shows him kneeling, with a tear of blood running down his cheek.

A silver plaque under it reads:


OOC: under construction


OOC: under construction

Pictures are the work of Jason Engle