The Order of Thieves

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"When you look high you can see the stars, when you look low you can see the path."

The Order of Thieves is a group of People that have created strong bonds between them and work more like a family. Their duty is to serve the poor and protect the unprotected with any cost, most often by stealing from those who have and give to those who have not, as well as to fight any form of oppression.

Their lifestyle is not very complex. They prefer living in Woods to luxury residences in wealthy Cities and the are being fed mostly by hunting creatures of the Woods or by donations from the People who serve. The Order of Thieves are not considered to be ordinary pickpockets or robbers, since they act based on a specific ideology.

Within the Order there is a loose Hierarchy that is created mostly based on the respect for the comrade's contibution to the Cause and on the better initiation of the Code of Thieves to the comrade's life. The Code of Thieves is a set of laws and moral principles that every Thief of the Order owes to follow all the time.

The Order's tasks vary from time to time and from place to place. Whenever an important matter needs to be discussed, Thieves from all over the Continent gather in specific Shelters to express their opinion and organise themselves for a well coordinated action. It is sure, though, that wherever the Thieves need to intervene, even if they do not have the means, they will be there no matter the cost!

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