The Order of Thieves/History of the Order of Thieves

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From the Rebellion in Batesaor to the first Shelter in Hatdhes

For many years the mankind has been experiencing violence, immorality, exploitation of any kind of weakness, very often the People have been the victims of personal disputes and of Realm interests...

From time to time, many have tried to change things around and have created Orders, Brotherhoods and Clans on the name of righteousness and morality. Many have tried mainly through Words and Diplomacy to change the situation and almost everyone of them have failed to make a true impact whenever matters requiring their attention were coming up.

It was then, when ordinary People created the Order of Thieves. Just a few scarce Thieves, here and there, could be found battling for the poor and the unprotected; for those who trully needed them. However, the lack of main organization was turning their attempts to a total failure.

One day, some Nobles decided to dedicate their lives on the Thieves' cause and for a long time have been fighting along with them serving the poor and the unprotected, battling the oppression, striving along with ordinary People for a better future.

Lady Laura denied her wealth and dedicated her life to the main organization of the Thieves. Princess of the Thieves by succession, Laura, took the Order upon her shoulders and first made her trait known to the public at her 18 years old on the War between Batesaor and Nighthelm during the Premiership of Lord Crusader. Laura gathered a few Nobles and with accordance with the Batesaoran People, she created a Movement to confront the Oppressive Government and to save her home from the total destruction.

After a while, a Rebellion occured in Batesaor. Due to her lack of knowledge and experience, some members of the Movement took advantage of the situation and by denying their participation at the very last moment, the Rebellion failed and every member of the Movement was banned.

Princess Laura after having the support of Nighthelm for the creation of the Movement, decided to move there and start from the very begining hoping for a better future. Many since today are looking at her suspiciously and do not fully trust her, but by making the right friends and by falling in love with a gentle Warrior, the Nighthelmians decided to give her a chance.

Scion came to Nighthelm after his life had fallen apart. He had begun to build a new life for a while, but one day during the war between Batesaor and Nighthelm he met Lady Laura. After a rough start they became friends, and she told him he had the qualities of a thief. Scion, who was still trying to find where he belonged decided to go along with it.

After a time, Scion began to care more for Laura and to support her goals more than he thought he would, and eventually fell in love with the Princess. They tried to build the first guild down in the southern realm of the Grand Lodge, but it wasn't possible. After a while had passed, Scion quickly acted in secret and got his good friends, Gul'Dan (king of Nighthelm) and Senoske (the recently appointed duke of Hatdhes), to do him a favor, and the first guild hall for the Order of Thieves was built in Hatdhes.