The Order of Thieves/The Code

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The Book of Codes

1. Honor – Always make your intentions clear and warn your enemy before taking action. Everyone is Honorable until he proves otherwise; then treat them likewise.

2. Valor – Never be discouraged by a potential failure. Stand for what you believe that is right.

3. Respect – Respect another’s opinion even if you disagree with it and make sure never to downgrade it.

4. Generosity – Be generous and always give what is necessary to those that need it. Covetousness is considered a sin.

5. Integrity – Never tolerate any form of bribing. Act only according to what you believe in.

6. Gallantry – Fight the oppression. Protect and serve the poor and unprotected. Never ask for an exchange, but expect gifts.

7. Loyalty & Devotion – Stay loyal to your leaders and comrades. Stay devoted to your and the Order’s cause.

8. Honesty – Always speak your mind without the fear of persecution. Honesty is encouraged among us and will never be punished within the Order.

9. Slander – Never slander your comrades. Always present evidences or explain your reasons before accusing a fellow Thief.

10. Freedom & Duty – Always remain free and act on your own will, as long as the Order remains united. It is your Duty, though, to protect the Order and repay the favor to those serving and protecting you.

11. Humility – Never grow arrogant about your deeds within the Order.

12. Solidarity/Brotherliness – Love and Care for each other within the Order.

Signed by
Laura, Princess of Thieves