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Icon carrier pigeon.jpg The Military Pigeon Post of Beluaterra Icon carrier pigeon.jpg

Two examples of Pigeon Carriers, the message is placed on the tail or leg. The pigeons shown above are of the best breed in Beluaterra. Only these are selected to carry messages throughout the island.

Welcome to the breeding gardens of the Military Pigeon Post of Beluaterra. We are the best pigeon breeders and trainers throughout the continent. Originally established between Fronen and Riombara, the guild was meant to serve as a military council room of strategic cooperation between both nations. Nowadays it is used by many Nobles from almost every nation of the ECA, an Alliance block of Beluaterra to transfer all sorts of information between each other using Pigeons as their messengers.

After the breakout of the Third invasion in Beluaterra, the Guild serves not only as a place of sharing strategy or ideas, it also serves as a center of information about Daimon movement and Daimon Strategy among the member nations.

Though originally an ECA project, the Military Pigeon Post of Beluaterra welcomes all nobles from all nations throughout the island. Especially in these turmoiled times, the Pigeon Guild is more than happy to share information with as many nobles as possible.

Guild Locations

Below are the known locations of breeding and training grounds of our famous pigeons. In these guild houses you may also sign yourself up as a guild member of the Military Pigeon Post.

Guild Members

Still to come

Documented Statistics

Still under construction, we are gathering all information we have to Document it in an organized manner