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Holy Writings of the Prophet

The Holy Prophet, Mathurin Hossefeffer, has published many writings, and given many sermons over the years. Presented here are several of the more notable, and memorable of these.

Writings Concerning the So-Called Prophetess Severina

Horrified by the continuing use of black magic in Dwilight and the over all decline of the faith priest Turin Erickson went into exile in Darfix. He returned with a woman named Illyria, and claimed that she was pregnant with the next prophet, a child conceived through parthenogenesis with the light of the Blood Stars themselves. The infant was born on the paving stones of the First Temple of Caiyun and named 'Severina'.


Sermons delivered to the members of the church by various elders and priests.

Writings of Others

Tenants of Astroist Warfare

A treaties on honorable combat between theocracies and realms with primarily Astroist populations.

-by - Turin Erickson, Last true King of Iashalur, Light of The Austere Star

A Refutation of the Tenants of Astroist Warfare

A refutation of this treatise on its many failings, chief of which is that it has never been formally accepted and ratified by the SA Elder Council and so it is just opinion, not canon, it is non binding, and has no legal force whatsoever.

-by - Helm Altenahr, a humble servant of Sanguis Astroism

The Betrayal of the Bloodstars and the Great Blighting

-by - Turin Erickson, Last true King of Iashalur, Light of The Austere Star

The Bloodstars - Misunderstood source of enlightment

A critique, discussing the widespread believe of three seperate Bloodstars while the author believes in a single entity of the Bloodstars. The three chapters of the book and the book itself are a metaphor for this point of view. - Medugnatos Stormcrow, First High Inquisitor of Corsanctum

Sermon in Mimer

A sermon in which the author answers the questions of a faithful. - Medugnatos Stormcrow, Regent of Corsanctum

The Scarlet Trinity of Excellence

A treatise outlining the specific beliefs of the Aquilegian Church of the Scarlet Trinity, a slight variant of Sanguis Astroism. It emphasises the pursuit of 'excellence' as the correct goal of any true believer, above something so simplistic as the worship of the stars. - Garret Artemesia, First Asterion of Aquilegia
Declared by the Magistratum of Sanguis Astroism of being capable of causing heretical thoughts. This copy of the treatise has been claimed by the author of the original to be fake, misleading, and incomplete and has thusly been removed. Copies of it may be found at Dwilight University in the Theology Department.

Flowrestown Theses

Ninety-five theses. - Garret Artemesia, First Asterion of Aquilegia

Treatise on Proper Worship

A document outlining the author's views on the proper method of worshipping the stars. It also attempts to incorporate and reconcile some of the propositions of the Church of the Scarlet Trinity into the main body of Sanguis Astroism. - Isak Kandurell

On the Evils of Torenism

A treatise describing the basic incompatibility of the Torenist faith with other faiths. With particular focus on the violent philosophy of Torenism, and the exclusive nature of their theology. -- Brance Indirik

A Further Exposition on the Evils of Torenism

Following a debate within the halls of Sanguis Astroism, a second exposition as to the Evil of Torenism was generated and distributed, further clarifying the violence an intolerance of their faith. -- Brance Indirik

On Roots

A sermon given in Mimer, on invitation from Regent Medugnatos Stormcrow, on attachment to land and things. -- Pierre von Genf

On War

A sermon given in Qubel Lighthouse, on why the Stars tolerate warfare among men. -- Pierre von Genf

Scroll of Understanding

A series of discourses revealing a knight of the temple's views on various topics including an interpretation of the Prophecies. -- Rabisu of Daycryn


A new writing by Rabisu on the nature of man, spirit, the Bloodstars, and the spiritual path.