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Son of a commoner and Lord Jagur Ironsides, Novgorod's mother was abandoned very quickly after she was no longer attractive. If Lord Jagur knew her changes occurred because of the pregnancy he sure did not seem to care. Novgorod's mother left the East Continent after her heart break and returned to her farmstead in Beluaterra. She died when Novgorod was twenty years old. At that point, the young man decided to take up a life of adventure and experience true life in danger.

At the age of twenty-six in the region of Haffemet, Novgorod met a Wizard for the first time. The Wizard said he would make the Scroll of Holy Light if Novgorod was able to produce these items:

* 2x Wyvern Scales
* 1x Monster Claw
* 2x Bear Hide
* 2x Wolf's Hide

But Novgorod did not have any Wyvern Scales so the Wizard turned him away.

Shortly after, in Gaxano while Novgorod was searching for Wyvern Scales he serendipitously found another Wizard, the very evening after he spoke with a Sage in the area. The young adventurer is thrilled to have the privilege of meeting such fantastic people, but he is consistently disappointed that he does not have the rare material they are asking for.

For the second Wizard, he was asked to provide these items to receive the Scroll of Teleportation:

* 1x Smashed Shield
* 3x Giant Eagle's Feather
* 2x Fool's Gold
* 2x Rare Woodland Flower

And again, he did not have the right material, this time lacking the Smashed Shield and the Giant Eagle's Feather.

Old Armour of the Kings

At the age of twenty-seven, while adventuring in Ypsilanti, a fellow freeman named Michael passed along some information to Novgorod about the location of a small horde of monsters. After two hours of tracking them, Novgorod launched his attack at maximum risk. Defeating the monsters then facing the alpha last, it was a hard and exhausting fight. After the alpha dropped dead Novgorod began his usual looting of the cave finding gold and silver. Then, under the pile of hay where the alpha no doubt slept he discovered the ancient and unique Old Armour of the Kings! At 81% condition and plus 1 prestige, this unique item was the greatest find he had ever gained.

Now he set his goals to making a fortune off the item and gaining a recommendation to boot!

Novgorod announced that the item will be up for sale at the price of 100 gold plus a recommendation. Royalty preferred. Many offers were considered.

Execution of Novgorod

After a heated bidding war for the Old Armour of the Kings by many considerable offers, Novgorod finally decided on the top bidder, Lord Kayne II Himoura at the price of 350 gold plus recommendation and a pledge to tend to the armour should it need repair. The second offer was 275 gold from the former Duke of Vur Hagin, Lord Cyrus Hyrhion, in Fronen. After some time of traveling to the city of Fianik to complete the transaction, Novgorod was arrested and thrown in the dungeon where he was robbed, tortured, and, after the armour set was stolen by Lord Kayne, executed.

The Feeding

Novgorod is drug from his cell, bound and gagged. He is drug towards the center of town, and brought before Kayne II, dressed in the Old Armor of Kings, now desecrated with damionic runes and grisly trophies. The Executioner strode forward and pulled a knife from its sheath, and quickly cut Novgorod's hamstring, relishing in his cry of pain. Kayne II licked the blade and sheathed it. He turned to a pit, in the bottom of which were starving wild dogs."Throw him in." he commanded, and the guards tossed Novgorod in the hole, and he was devoured quickly by the dogs, his screams ending suddenly with a horrid sound of ripping flesh. Kayne II grinned and walked away.

Last Stats as of execution on February 13th, 2010

Physical Age: 27 years

Main Class: Adventurer

Honour: 14

Prestige: 8

Gold: 10

Silver: 4

Status: (dead)

Time Pool: 0

Fatigue: 0

On December 23rd 2009 at 12:33 AM, in Haffemet Beluaterra, Novgorod met a Wizard. Since he did not have all of the items he was unable to get the Scroll of Holy Light, but, now that I know where and when the Wizard might possibly be, I am going to track down a pair of Wyvern Scales and get that scroll! The game is on!
On December 31st 2009 at 2:38 AM in Gaxano Beluaterra, Novgorod found another Wizard. Again, lack of material restricted him from creating the Scroll of Teleportation. I am starting to think there is always one item that no one ever has on them that can create the scroll...although it would be really cool if he finally got one.