Himoura Family/Kayne II

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Weapon: Sinweaver
Titles: Executioner of the Netherworld, Duke of Fianik, Baron of Jobo's Mouth, Senator of Crim, Arch Priest of Varyamo Nolvo, Baron of Ippetembal, Lord High Justice of the Akadian League, General of the Akadian League.
Artifacts: Old Armour of the Kings, Daimon Banner of Conquest Motto: Blood drips, blood sings, blood devours all, and only blood remains. Realms served: Darka, Melhed, the Netherworld, the Akadian League, Alebad, Voghor, Enweil, Riombara, Varyamo Nolvo, Ohnar West, Arcachon, Bara'Khur, Old Grehk, Fronen, Thalmarkin.

Kayne II, son of Kayne I, was dedicated to the mysterious cult, the Chaos Requiem. He was possessed of an unquenchable wanderlust, and during his long career served across the world, in a variety of realms. He made his name as the Executioner of the Netherworld, known for his over the top brutality and gruesome public executions.

Kayne II stood 6'4", had a slightly green complexion (reportedly from a disease contracted as youth), was black of hair, and possessed black eyes.

(Portrait of Kayne II wearing the desecrated Old Armour of the Kings)