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5th April

Summer Evening - Evora

Christofer III Kane

The healers had been taking care of Christofer the best they could, but could not get control of this disease. They continued the regiment of herbs and moving him every few hours as it seemed to help a little.

The front door burst open and a shriveled old woman, clearly a peasant, came roaring through the clinic.

"Where is the young Christofer? I be Witch Hazel and I need to take care of him!"

"Why would he allow you to assist?"

"I done been taking care of the Kane family since before this ones Grandfather was born and I be damned ifn stop now!"

"By all accounts, his Grandfather died some sixty years ago and he was about 65 then, that would put you at about 130-140 years old. I really doubt that you could be that old, now begone!!"

"Lissen sonny, either you take me to Lord Christofer or I'll put a hex on ye that your great-grandkids will have to deal with"

The old lady had moved into the healers face and put a boney finger against his nose. "Move it NOW or there be Hell to pay!!"

The healer had gone pale and backed up away from this crazy lady, somehow he believed her about being a witch and the hex. "Uh, Maam, please come this wat then." and he led her to Christofers bedside.

6th April

Summer Evening - Evora

Christofer III Kane

Witch Hazel followed the healer to the room of Lord Christofer, She went to look at her new patient and muttered "He looks almost exactly like his Grandpa at that age"

The healer meanwhile watched in fascination as she went about examining Christofer, She held her ear to his chest and listened, stood up quickly and licked his cheek tasting whatever it was her tongue had picked up. She had poked and prodded everything imaginable on his body and at one point lifted his genitals in her hand and seemingly weighed them.

She produced a scrap of paper handed it to the healer and told him that she needed everything on the list, as she turned around the healer scanned the list all were common herbs and plants except...

He looked up to ask a question, she had somehow produced a small black pot and was in the process of building a fire in the center of the room.

"Why do you need 12 chickens?"

" I gots ta eat don't I? By the way last count I was 200 years old, now shut up and get me my stuff!"

7th April

Summer Evening - Evora

Lindow Moonsun

The sun was falling across the horizon. Lindow was in front of a small temple. He knew that Lord Crhistofer was seriously ill in Evora. I had thought about visiting it, but there was a high risk of contagion.

The temple was a polished stone religious building. When Lindow entered, he had to leave his shoes and sword at the entrance, he was only wearing a blue robe with a red cloak. The reason is because being a place of rest and peace, it is forbidden to enter with weapons and war clothes.

Once inside, he found himself in a circular room, full of columns that formed smaller circles until the center of the room, where there was a great cauldron. It was the only light in the place, a light that collided with the columns, forming shadows.

Lindow approached the cauldron, it was a beautifully ornamented object, with timbers from which the flames emanated. In front of the cauldron was a small table with dry branches and woolen thread. Lindow picked up three branches, and tied them with the woolen thread. He approached the cauldron and whispered

"Body, mind and soul"

and threw the branches into the cauldron. After that, Lindow bowed and he turned in the direction of the exit, where there was a lady looking at him.

- Welcome, Grey Exarch Luna - Lindow whispered once close to her - An offering for the sick? -

Luna Tempest

Lady Tempest stood at the entrance of the temple observing her king as he made an offering taking note of the customs.

Temples were not usually a place Luna would frequent as she preferred her studies to religion but would agree it certainly had it place in the world. However this visit wasn't about faith, its was a show of support for her fellow noble Lord Christofer III who is recovering from the disease that is plaguing Karbala.

As the Shadow King concluded and returned to the entrance he whispered to the lady "An offering for the sick?"

Luna nodded in agreement as she removed her sword and boots. Lady Tempest wasn't wearing the armour that had been gifted to her by the Shadow King as they were away from the frontline leaving her wearing just a simple pale blue tunic. While not very lady-like it was practical considering her station. Realizing she never prepared an offering Luna reaches for her journal carefully tearing out a blank page. A few moments later she had folded the page into a bird, an eagle. Supposedly some believe the majestic bird represented spirit and healing.

The lady approached the same as her king, through the shadows. When Luna reached the fire within the cauldron she whispered

"Lord Christofer III, may you recover and soar ever higher"

before throwing the paper eagle into the cauldron.

Lady Tempest would give a respectful bow before returning to the entrance to retrieve her sword and see if the Shadow King was still in attendance.

Christofer III Kane

The Healers actively avoided the area Christofer was recovering in, the logic was simple, "This place smells like a pigsty crossed with a skunk, crossed with dead vermin" one was heard to mutter.

"It's due to that old crazy lady the other answered." They plugged their noses and continued to Lord Christofers room where they found Witch Hazel pouring warm but partially congealed liquid on his sleeping body.

"What are you doing?" They cried when they had entered. "Ahhh, boys, this will release the disease from his body and wake him up. Look he is stirring already!"

Sure enough, for the first time in weeks, Christofer had started moaning and moving in his bed. "Now comes his dreams" The Witch advised.

Christofer was in his home in Bragga, but it wasn't his home yet. It seemed to be years before he had even been born. He wandered the halls and noticed things either out of place or things he had never before seen. In one corner stood a suit of armor from the defining red color to the wings(?) on the helmet he knew was the long since vanished Kane family armor, in its grip was a Claymore and upon closer examination, He discovered the family name "Kane" on the hilt.

'Is this truly where they disappeared to?' He was thinking when his thoughts were interrupted.

"Ahh, finally you show up." a man had stated. Christofer turned with a start, not knowing what to think but was face to face with an older man. This man was very familiar even though he knew he had never seen him before. He was an older man with a kindly but scarred face, He looked like he was a relative of some sort.

"Forgive me, I have not introduced myself, I am Edward Kane, Lord of Bragga, priest, and co-founder of The Flow of the Balance."

"I am Christofer Kane III I am Lord of Bragga."

"Yes, I have been expecting you. You Grandfather Christofer was my younger brother. I died in the bed you sleep in when at home. Today I just want to tell you where I have hidden the family heirlooms you just found."

Christofer was suddenly in front of a blank wall he had never noticed before. Edward reached out, took Christofers hand and guided him to a stone that slipped easily beneath his hand. The wall pivoted on unseen hinges and opened to a room that was only large enough for a few select items. Christofer blinked and the armor with the sword appeared within.

Christofer opened his mouth with so many questions but Edward stopped him, "No more for now, we have plenty of time at a later date. Right now you need to concentrate on getting better."

"NOW WAKE UP!!!" Witch Hazel was shouting.

He moaned and tried to open his eyes but that was a chore unto itself.

9th April

Summer Evening - Evora

Christofer III Kane

Witch Hazel wiped the gelled concoction from Christofers eyes. He slept again breathing deep and without trouble. Looking at the healers she stated

"You boys can take it from here, he is out of danger now"

She packed her stuff and left the room and the sanatarium.

The healers looked horrified at the room and the state she left it in.

"Get the maids in here! Nurses, clean Lord Christofer before he wakes up."

11th April

Summer Evening - Evora

Kiera Cavendish

Dressed in black armor, but with her helm strapped to her horse, Kiera lead the slow march south.

One hundred archers, most of them new to her leadership, kept the steady rhythm as the crossed through the pastoral lands of northern Caligus. They were untried, but their leader was not.

"We need to pick up the pace," she said t Captain Eadinda. "Troops are already gathered in Abadan. We don't want to miss the fun."

13th April

Summer Day - Evora

Kiera Cavendish

"Report of Abadan, m'lady. Seems many have already pushed into Moyale."

Kiera glanced at the writings, noting the names of the nobles present. "Excellent. A fair, easy start to our new Euxarch's first campaign."

She turned to Captain Eadinda. "Let's move them forward. Shadowdale is too spread out; we need to form up."

The Captain saluted and went off to carry out her orders.

14th April

Summer Day - Braga

Christofer III Kane

Christofer had lain in bed for weeks now, he was finally getting over this illness that had befallen him and was convalescing only because he hadn't had the strength to argue with the healers. He had heard the stories of the old hag who called herself Witch Hazel and had claimed she had attended to his grandfather Christofer the first. Of course, there had been family stories of such a person, but there had been nothing said about her since his Grandfather died in battle all those years ago. For now, he had to put it out of his mind though, he then called for Captain Reinolt.

"Take the troops and follow the orders of the General, I need to go home on a special errand."

"Sir, are you sure you can make it alright? You have been so sick for so long, I don't like you going off on your own."

"Leave that to me! I will take my scribe and my personal healer, all should go well. For now though, muster the troop and move out!"

15th April

Summer Evening - Tabost

Jaques Talos

Jaques finished his letter and gave it to the messenger.

'Take this to the marshal immediately.'

The messenger bowed and left, Jaques turned to the table and lent on it, pouring a large wine he sat down, He recalled the battle going on when they had arrived.

(A Few Hours Earlier)

'My Lord, we are now cresting the last hill, we should see the borders of Woolton soon.' Jaques looked at Captain Hildemund and nodded, as they approached the crest he heard shouting. He felt his limbs stiffen and started to shake with excitement as the adrenaline started to surge, he knew that sound, it was battle!.

'Speed up men, I hear fighting!' he said excitedly, the energy from his army's excitement almost tangible. He crested the hill and looked at the battlefield he was approaching, his heart fell, and he felt the excitement evaporate away.

'PEASANTS! WHY IS IT ALWAYS PEASANTS?!' He threw down his shield, as he screamed. Captain Hildemund dismounted and picked up Jaques shield.

'They could make good practice for the troops my Lord.'

Jacques took his shield and looked at the layout of the allied troops ahead.


He rested his head on his hand for a second, breathed deeply and turned to Hildemund. 'Lets get this farce over with.' Hildemund bowed and signalled to the troops, who begrudgingly started forward towards the battlefield. What would it take to get a decent battle?


Jaques reminisced about his early days, life as a robber Baron had been much easier. Not giving a damn about honour, as a bastard son there was little to be had, but his father was now watching, as his legitimate brother was falling out of favour. Looking around his tent, he realised that he had got used to a very specific lifestyle, one that was hard to replicate if not for the family's money. Shuddering as he felt the disgust of his fathers fickleness and cursing the fact he had got so used to luxury, he drank even deeper.

'Puffed up old coot, had a silver spoon up his arse most his life and now looks down on us.'

As he was finishing fourth goblet of wine, the messenger came in the tent and handed him a letter.

'It's a reply from the marshal, sire.'

Quickly standing, Jaques took it, tore open the seal and read. Once finished he looked at the messenger. 'Get me captain Hildemund.'

The captain arrived a little bit later. 'Yes sire?'

'We had a reply Hildemund. We have free reign, the men need to blow off steam after the disappointment of today's skirmish.'

'As you wish my Lord.' The captain turned to leave.

'Oh and Hildemund, let's try and keep the deaths and unsavoury acts to a minimum, if possible, don't want Father to think badly of me.'

'Yes my lord.' Hildemund bowed as he left. Jaques poured more wine and retired to his chamber, sat down on his bed and smiled.

'Well my dear, let us enjoy the downtime.' the woman in his tent smiled as she filled up a bowl of water for washing...

17th April

Summer Evening - Sermbar

Luna Tempest

Lady Luna Tempest was still standing firm in the same spot from where she commanded the Shadow Legion's opening maneuver. From the first arrow of the battle to the last arrow her feet planted firmly like a tree rooted to the ground. The battle was now over and the Grey Exarch was receiving reports and contemplating the results of the battle.

The Northern allied host greatly out numbered that of the Perdan-Vix host making victory seem inevitable however based on the opening volleys from the archers it seemed anyone's game. It wasn't until the valiant cavalry charge led by Lord Speaker Lyanna Arylon and her Golden Cavalry that the battles outcome was truly decided. With the Lord Speakers and the other commanders of cavalry; Azreal, Jürgen and Theodius crashing into front line they easily swept aside the enemy infantry craving a huge opening in their front line. From there on the battle was decided and the Northern Host would claim victory.

As the Grey Exarch reviewed and received reports from various nobles and captains she noted that casualties were quite light, and that there were no reports of any northern nobles even being wounded. It might not have been the most glorious battle or victory but the green general was more than thrilled by the win as Luna proved herself capable to lead the Shadow Legion in to battle.

Lady Tempest would spend the remaining time of her day sending off letters reports and a few more orders before preparing the coming nights strategy.

Christofer III Kane

Even though he was but one region away from Braga, it took an extended period of time for Christofer to reach his home. His healer was always hovering around his shoulder, insisting they stop when he perceived Christofer was in the least bit tired. Eventually, they reached his home. He knew it had been his Great Uncle Edwards' home due to found documents and had always felt at home there.

It was late at night when they finally arrived and Christofer decided to wait until morning to investigate the vision he had while asleep with fever. He slept and with sleep came a dream.

Edward was there at his bedside, silently motioning for Christofer to follow, He moved through the castle easily and came to the wall, he once again showed his Great Nephew the latch. He move back to the bedchambers.

"I've told you some of the family history, Here is some more, Your Grandfather, and namesake Christofer, was King of Eston, Atamara directly after the sudden death of their beloved King Andrew."

(OOC: Andrew was played by Matt Hetland who had a major Cardiac incident while working. We found him three days later parked in a rest area in the mountains of Colorado.)

"He kept the realm together during the mourning of King Andrew and when it was back on its feet, he stepped aside in order for others to be able to fufill the destiny of the realm. He was, indeed, a honorable man. He died in battle, he always led his troops from the front and looked danger head on."

" For now wake up and find your gifts."

Christofer awoke refreshed and feeling better than he had for weeks. His healer came in and checked him out, declared him fit to go back to work and left. Christofer cleared everyone else out because he wanted to keep the secret room secret. He found the wall, located the latch and pressed.

The latch made a clicking noise and the wall started to move but not as smoothly as it had in his vision. It groaned open a few inches and stopped, Christofer pulled it open and looked at the treasure within.

The Kane family armor and sword were there, untouched for decades. They needed some minor tending to, for example, the sword needed to be sharpened but all in all, they were in very good shape. He moved his treasures back to his room, barred the door and started preparing his new weapons.

18th April

Summer Day - Dale

Jaques Talos

As the army was walking back, Jaques looked around and saw the Margrave further down the line, spurring his horse he caught up.

'How are you feeling this morning Margrave?, don't worry about the Goblet, take it as a meeting gift. The noble I took it from won't need it'

Maccio Aurelle

- "Feelin' great! Been thinkin' about the rebellion. Nivermus has been idle fer a while. So I was wonderin'... Wot if the leader of the uprisin' is a warmonger? It would be fun, wouldn't it? We would either have to march north to get his head on a pike fer allying with the south or, even better, have Nivermus finally join our campaigns in the south! Ah hah! Sirion, Eponllyn, Caligus, Shadowdale AND Nivermus, all of their armies meetin' to wreak havoc in Perdan city! It would be glorious..."

Jaques Talos

'Indeed Margrave, but to many involved may mean less for the rest of us' Jaques smiled

'But as fun as another war may be, my troops may need to recover from this first, but i do look forward to sharing a battlefield with you Sir.'

Christofer III Kane

Christofer called in a squire and had him work on preparing the armor, getting it ready for use again. The years of unuse had their toll, the squire had to disassemble the armor oil it and reassemble it, then he shined it.

Christofer had worked on sharpening the sword it was amazing to him that it could become so dull just from sitting around, but finally it was ready.

Christofer gave the orders to his healer and his personal scribe and squire that the leave for Akesh Temple immediately.

He wore his armor.

21st April

Summer Day - Poitiers

Jaques Talos

Jaques looked back, and shook his head, 12 men and 5 injured, all that was left of his 34 strong infantry.

Captain Hildemund came into step 'my lord, another has died.'

Jaques sighed 'bury him at the roadside and lets carry on.'

Summer Evening - Troyes

Zenta Carson

As Zenta awaits for the Army to refit he has a strange vision. He hears a voice suddenly of black speech.

Black speech: "Krun da ne ma fu chin, ma ku nag me! Ju que ma ne ho!"

Translation: "Shadowdale will be the spawn, we shall rise! The daimon breed will conquer!"

Wide eyed looking at his scribe who apparently heard it as well.

Zenta: "Did.... Did you hear it as well scribe?!"

Scribe: "Yes my Lord...."

Zenta: "Do not speak of this to no one! Do you understand?"

Scribe: "Of course not my Lord."

Zenta turns toward the balcony hoping that no one else knows of this turn of events.

23rd April

Summer Evening - Troyes

Lindow Moonsun

Evening light streamed in through the windows of Lindow's room. Residing in Aurellian Keep, Lord Maccio had given her one of the best rooms.

Lindow was sitting at the table, reading letters and scout reports.

- More letters, more reports ... jumm -

Lindow got up from the chair and went to the window. The Akesh Temple was a magnificent fortress located high in the mountains. He could see the walls of the fortress filled with militias, he could also see the entandartes of the Shadowdale nobles. But he was surprised to see one he hadn't seen before, a banner with a white cross on a black background with a golden sun in the center.

- Sebas, come here -

An older but strong man approaches Lindow.

- Your Highness, what do you want? - Sebas said while he made a bow.

- What nobles are in the temple of Akesh at the moment? -

- Mmm, I understand that Lord Maccio, Lord Leonhard Lord Christofer and Sir Zenta, your majesty ... but the servants of this castle have told me that a damsel has recently arrived. -

"Will she be the noble of that heraldry?" Lindow thought,

- Thank you, Sebas ... on the other hand, I would like to dine with the nobles who are here, protecting our borders does not necessarily have to be boring. -

- Do you want me to send each of them a letter, Your Highness? -

- Yes, and ask Lord Maccio if we can have dinner in his keep -

- I do it immediately, Your Majesty -

After a while, Sebas returns to Lindow's room.

- Your Majesty, Lord Maccio is not in Akesh Tempe, I have been told that he went to Aestus -

- ... Damn it ... if there are no option, reserve in that tavern that I really like, that place that is near the guild area -

- The Unique Oak inn, your highness? -

- That one, ask for the whole room be reserved for me and my guests to have dinner-

- I´m going -

Christofer III Kane

Christofer, having received the invitation for dinner with the King, bathed, got dressed, and put on his family armor. He then made his way to the Unique Oak inn, he dismounted and entered through the tree.

Standing just inside the door he removed his helmet to allow his eyes to adjust faster to the dimly lit room. Locating the King he bowed and thanked the King for the hospitality tonight but then went to the other side of the room from the King and sat down.

"Why do you sit over there?" The King asked

"The healers are not entirely sure this sickness I had is entirely gone and it may still be catching. I don't want to possibly infect you"

24th April

Summer Day - Troyes

Jaques Talos

Jaques looked back at his replenished army, 60 men strong. This would work.

'Caution men, we are approaching Sordidus, keep and eye out for trouble.'

he was looking forward to daybreak, when the troops could stop there march for a little, and he could enjoy some wine.

25th April

Summer Day - Troyes

Jaques Talos

'HALT!' The shout of Hildemund rang across the army, 'Prepare for camp.'

Jaques got of his Horse and headed into his tent, already set up as he had sent to men ahead early, poured himself some wine and headed back out to look around. He noted the Flag of the Margrave. Also noted the Flags of Sir Christopher III the earl of his lands, would have to pay his respects later, as well as the other nobles Dana, Leonhard and Zenta.

He looked further and saw even the Kong was here.

'You there messenger send this letter to the lady Marshal.'

He then went back into the tent, got his jar of wine and headed towards the Margraves tent. On approaching he called out, 'Macchio my friend, want some wine?'

Maccio Aurelle

Maccio was checking his retinue's encampment outside the walls of Akesh Temple, next to many other warband's camping sites. Sir Jaques so happened to see him and came to invite him to some wine.

- "Ah hah, Sir Jaques! Aye, of course, but this time 'tis my duty as host to be the one offerin' it! Ye checkin' on ye men 'ere, or were not told ye could stay at the keep? No matter! Let's get some booze n' wenches! Even Lindow's 'round, plus all of these warband's leaders. More than enough to party, ain't it? Ah hah!

Now, let's get ye a room. A proper room, not some tent in 'ere. No matter the size n' quality of the fabric, it just ain't cuttin' it. I'll go invite the folks, ye just ask fer a room n' my servants are providin' fer sure. Get ready fer tonight!"

Summer Evening - Troyes

Jaques Talos

He looked in the mirror as he finished adjusting his clothes. He would never get used to such Finery. Checking his shirt there was a knock


A messenger came in and handed him a letter, it had his family's seal.

'you may go.'

Once the messenger had gone he opened it, read it, and smiled. Throwing the letter in the fire he smiled at that moment Hildmunde came in.

'you seem happy my lord?'

'He is dead Hildamund, my Father has finally died,' he then frowned 'but before i seize his assets they want me to prove myself in the next battle, if we do not hurry i may take my men to raid a village.'

Hildamund stiffen'd

'My lord, be careful, if that kind of talk got back to the Marshal, or even the King..'

Jaques interrupted him

'I am just jesting my dear captain.' he adjusted his hat 'let us head to the Margraves feast shall we.'

he walked out the door.

Lindow Moonsun

- It seems that in the end Lord Maccio is going to have a party in his fortress tonight, your majesty - Sebas said.

- ... is Lord Maccio here? - Lindow asked.

- That's right, your highness, Lord Maccio arrived this morning -

Lindow and Sebas were sitting, Lindow was writting a letter while Sebas had all the letters and reports that had to give to the heralds.

- If you allow me, your highness... how was dinner the day before yesterday? -

Lindow was silent for a few seconds and spoke.

- Well, I had dinner with Lord Leonhard and Lord Christofer, but I don't remember what happened after dinner, I only remember two things, one of them left the inn with two of the waitresses and in my case I don't remember how I got here -

- Your Majesty, I already told you that the additives that they add to the mead in that inn are not normal, they can even be dangerous -

- Thanks for worrying, Sebas but the important thing is that in the end I had a good time there -

Lindow put his pen down on the table and got up from the chair.

- Enough for today, give these letters to the heralds, I have to get ready for a dinner -

The doors opened and a herald announced the arrival.

- His Majesty, Shadow King Lindow Moonsun, Royal of Shadowdale, Duke of Shadow's Bluff and Lord of Karbala -

Lindow entered the great hall, he could see that there were mostly nobles of minor families from these lands, but there were still other nobles to come. At once the nobles were bowing as Lindow walked to the table. In the central area of ​​the table was Maccio, looking at the dishes, the drinks and the young damsels who had come tonight.

- It is very kind of you to invite everyone to dinner, Lord Maccio, and as host, I allow you to choose where you want me to sit tonight -

26th April

Summer Day - Troyes

Maccio Aurelle

- "Ye got the wenches?"

- "Yes, my lord. Our scouts found "volunteers" in nearby villages of Nascot."

- "Got the booze?"

- "Yes, my lord, a merchant in Domus managed to bring the fine liquors you requested on time. Three bottles of cabernet sauvignon, three bottles of champagne, two bottles of absinthe..."

- "A'ight, got it, but where's the whiskey?"

The steward sighs - "A local distillery provided us with more than enough, my lord, although I do not think it would befit an occasion li-"

- "Perfect! Ain't gettin' drunk with wine, too weak fer my guts! I'll let ya with the food n' sh*te, ye better deliver the best, or ye'll make me lose face - n' yours would be next if that happens. So good luck n' try ye best!"

Maccio leaves the kitchen as his stewards looks at him with a dead stare in his eyes, shortly followed by another sigh.

Hours pass, and servants are sent to each of the guest's rooms to let them know the feast was about to begin.

The main room of the Aurellian Keep had been cleaned and adorned with black, yellow and white garlands. Silver chandeliers - who seemed to have been polished recently - provided light for the long oak table where the guests would dine tonight. Along the center, many plates were already served and waiting to be emptied. Half of them had thin slices of lean, raw beef seasoned with lemon, a few droplets of olive oil, and shredded cheese. The other half had small shortcrust pastries filled with foie gras at the bottom and some fig jam on top.

Maccio was already in the room, somehow managing to resist his urge to begin drinking from his goblet.

Maccio Aurelle

- "Ah hah, Lindow! Ye sittin' by my side, a'ight? Tis' takin' too long fer the big guys to arrive, ain't it? Feelin' tempted to begin munchin' without them, but it'd be of poor manners. Try the carpaccio, by the way, one might think raw meat ain't right to eat, but not this way!"

Maccio points to the lemon-seasoned slices of beef.

- "See, fer what my steward told me, the acid cooks the meat slightly, n' bein' such a thin slice, tis' more than enough. The mix of flavors is oh so nice."

Lindow Moonsun

Lindow could not believe it, he was facing a barbarian. How he could have gone unnoticed talking like that.

"Blessed is the scribe who has translated the words of this beast" Lindow thought.

Lindow went to sit next to Maccio. In the table, he could see all the delicacies that the young lord had bought for this dinner.

"At least he has a good taste for good food" Lindow thought.

More nobles were arriving in the room, although the nobles of the most important families of Shadowdale were still to come. Lindow settled into his chair and looked at Maccio.

- How do you find, Lord Maccio? It has been a long time since your last report of the situation of Akesh Temple, is your scribe well? -

Maccio Aurelle

- "Aye, dude's fine. Tis' just that there ain't a thing to report, border's been quite boring. Few a while both our armies and Perdan's were just waitin', until last campaign when they finally moved somewhere else. How's the peace negotiations goin', by the way? Got anythin' out of those mutts, or they've just ignored ye?"

Maccio asks as he extends his hand to grab a pastry to then stuff it in his mouth.

Summer Evening - Troyes

Lindow Moonsun

The minor nobles saw that Lindow and Maccio had sat down, doing the same quickly. As they sat down, Lindow grabbed the glass and a servant filled it with wine.

- There was a lot of diplomatic tension between Shadowdale, Caligus and Perdan in those negotiations, as we did not reach any agreement, it was stopped. -

Lindow took a drink from the glass and said

- How was the campaign at Vix Tiramora? Any anecdote to tell? -

Maccio Aurelle

Maccio grins after being asked about anecdotes.

- "Glad ye asked, fer there was one! Did ye know Luna was into women? I don't know the details, but fer what I was told n' could see, she had correspondence with a fine perdanite lass, whom she liked to tease fer being easy to anger. Fer some reason, that lass came all the way down to Moyale to confess her love to Luna, plus a few murderous lines. Maybe she had more lovers n' the lass found out? Naw idea, but the scene sure was funny.

Nicolau d'Atayde

"Another estate has been taken sir..."

Nicolau winces.. "Don't tell me... Kar-"

"Karbala sir."

There was an extended pause.

"Well captain, it looks like the men will need a lot of free ale after this one... WAIT - there is one estate left there! LETS MOVE!"

Flavia Arindal

Message sent to all nobles of Shadowdale (25 recipients) - 19 hours, 28 minutes ago "It's very quiet tonight," Flavia remarked to the groom who took her horse. "Hardly anyone on the street."

"Aye, everyone's at the big do at the palace."

Flavia looked interested. She went to her usual quarters and ordered a hot bath and a high tea -- with a hearty helping of the local news on the side.

Dana Blackstone

The doors to the main living room open, allowing the entrance of a young lady dressed in a long black and white dress with few decorations. The herald announces the following.

-Lady Dana Blackstone, lady of Porto, of the duchy of Shadow’s Bluff.

Dana would enter the great hall showing all the gala that she can, attracting some glances given her young appearance. Her eyes would seek the host of the place, whom she would cordially approach and, bowing politely, would greet.

-Thanks for the invitation. It is a pleasure for me to be here.

Maccio Aurelle

Maccio turns to Dana and, with a big grin on his face, replies:

- "Ain't it the fine lass we got 'ere? Dana, ey? One of the new arrivals, if my brains be workin' properly. Tis' a pleasure fer me too, to have such a fine lady in my halls! Go on, have a seat n' try the appetizers. But not before salutin' our liegue 'ere, that is! Proper manners first, ey? Ah hah!"

Luna Tempest

Lady Tempest arrives at the feast happening in Akesh Temple. Luna isnt wearing any finery, in fact she's wearing her riding gear.

Approaching the head table the Grey Exarch bows before the host and the Shadow King before announcing herself.

"My lord, my King it is a pleasure to see you again. Please forgive my attire I came for a quick meal and drink before I set off to hunt down some nearby monsters for sport. I'd also like to introduce myself to some of our new nobles if they are attending. Now if you'll excuse me." Luna bows once again for the men before looking around the hall.

Luna spots a lady more properly dressed for the occasion than herself. Speaking as she approaches the red haired beauty,

"Lady Blackstone I presume? It's a pleasure to meet you in person. I am Luna Tempest, Grey Exarch of Shadowdale. I look forward to meeting you on the battlefield as well. I want you to know my lady if you ever need anything, anything at all please don't hesitate to ask. Now if you don't mind i'm going to grab a drink. If you would like to talk more come find me once iv seated"

Lady Tempest gives a curtsy to the young Dana before finding herself some food and wine.

Lindow Moonsun


Lindow was surprised at the anecdote that Maccio had told him, thinking that the Gray Exarch Luna had a love relationship with another woman made him curious.

the moment a beautiful young woman entered, the herald introduced her as Lady Dana Blackstone.

"Will she be the noble of the banner of the golden sun on a black and white gironny?" Lindow thought

Dana walked over to pay her respects to Maccio and Lindow.

- Lady Dana, it is a pleasure to meet you in person ... mmm Blackstone? I will call you later to talk about something - Lindow said.

Lindow watched Luna turned her attention to Dana and begins to think.

"maybe ... no! I don't believe it"

- Lord Maccio, tell me, is it possible that our Gray Exarch and that young noblewoman over there could have an affair? -

Maccio Aurelle

- "If ye askin' if Dana was that lass, naw, she wasn't. It was a blonde n' poor mannered lady from Perdan. She had the same banner as Ross, by the way. If ye askin' if Luna could be havin' an affair with Dana, maybe, maybe not, maybe in the future, we'll see."

Maccio munched some more carpaccio before squinting and humming.

- "Actually, why not just ask?" - Rising his voice - "Luna! Before marchin' come 'ere n' let's have a quick chat, 'aight? Worry not 'bout ye meal, my steward can pack it up fer ye to bring to the field. 'Twas a lobster bisque first, then fillet mignon rolled n' puff pastry plus bechamel, chicken stock velouté n' demi-glace second, if I remember correctly, n' we were goin' to have croque-en-bouche fer dessert, but surely the cream puffs can be packed. Won't look as good as plated by chefs, but will taste just as nice.

But anyways, how's your love life been goin' since Moyale? Stole any more hearts on the way back?"

Luna Tempest

Luna returned to the head table wine in hand to chat with Margrave Aurelle.

"Well make sure they pack enough for after the hunt as well." Luna addressed the lords comments about her supper before addressing his inquiry.

"Can't say I stole any hearts on the way back, to be honest not even sure if I made off with the one. Annoying the Lady Aila was quite entertaining though. I have written her since and well her reply was well... the least rude letter she had sent me so far. She even wrote me a crude poem so I'll call that progress!" Lady Tempest answered before reading out Aila Storme's poem:

Rose's are red,

Blood is too,

I'm stuck at a gala and

I'd rather be fighting with you.

Finishing off her wine before continuing, "I guess Perdan is having some sort of fancy lads event down in their capital. Anyway I digress, how is your lordships love life going? Looking to settle down anytime soon?" Luna tries not to chuckle asking the question.

Dana Blackstone

Dana, following Maccio's suggestion, heads towards the nobles, presenting herself to them without being able to avoid feeling somewhat overwhelmed when having to make so many formal greetings, so she ended up sitting on one of the benches in the room after reaching out to a cup full of wine.

She would rejoin at the arrival of Luna.

- Thank you Miss Luna, it will be a pleasure.

She would bow her head a little and take a few small sips from his glass as she watched Luna march.

She would continue walking around the room shortly, taking small portions of the many meals they had on the table, but without abusing too much, trying to maintain a measured position before those present until the arrival within a few minutes of Lindow.

-Of course, as you like, although if you want and you have time, we could talk now.

Maccio Aurelle

Maccio bursts into laughter at Luna's question, so hard only a wheeze comes out, his face turns red and, after half a minute, he can barely breathe. After calming himself down and wiping a tear or two from his face, responds:

- "Naw, not goin' to unless a still young baroness with a pretty face, silky white skin, a nice ass n' a pile of gold big enough to bury this fortress fer some reason wants to marry a pretty unknown margrave of a lineage that's been noble fer 'bout a generation. Hah! Naw, Luna, not goin' to settle. There're so many southern maids left to enjoy that it'd be a waste to marry so soon. Ye probably think the same."

Luna Tempest

Luna watches as the Margrave almost dies with laughter and listens to his reply.

"I wouldn't expect you to say any less Lord Maccio. I mostly share your sentiment and like yourself perhaps the right rich Duke or Duchess would interest me but until then I am quite happy as is. Anyway my Lord, my King the hour is late and I must get on the trail if I expect to hunt any monsters in Scio. I'd like to thank you for the company, but mostly i'll thank you for the wine." Lady Tempest finished her last goblet of rich red wine before standing.

"I should be back within the day, until then." Luna concluded and bowed before departing the hall.

27th April

Summer Day - Troyes

Jaques Talos

Jaques stayed in the corner of the hall, surveying all the nobles while sipping his wine, he sighed, he did not enjoy large get together's, but it would be rude not to show his face and insulting to the Margrave. Putting down his goblet he watched the Lady Marshal leave and walked over.

'Margrave, a lovely party you put together. The food is splendid as is the wine'

Zenta Carson

Zenta finally shows up with his usual fanfare to the dinner. Looking prideful as ever, he goes to his seat at the table. Looks around at all the other nobles and smirkes.

Zenta: "Seems to be a lot of new Knights, ashame most of them have none of the experience as I do. Would you not agree peasant?"

Random Peasent: "Of course my Lord."

Zenta scowls at the Peasent.

Zenta: "Did I say you can speak to me!!!???"

Zenta backhands the peasent for speaking. The peasant falls to the ground as Zenta's personal guard comes to take the peasent away.

Zenta: "Stand down guards, I am sure the peasent did not mean it."

The peasent smirked, then Zenta's mood suddenly changed. He throws a knife at the peasent and hit him in the leg. The scream could be heard throughout the hall.

Zenta: "Guards, go get him to a healer."

Guards: "Yes My Lord"

Zenta continues to enjoy his meal as if nothing happened.

Lindow Moonsun

Lindow was in front of Dana, he had left his place to interact with the rest of the guests, in addition to the fact that he could not stand any longer listening to a nobleman speak worse than a donkey.

- Guests are busy, we can talk now without problems, Lady Dana -

Lindow said while he tasted a piece of carpaccio and then sipped his glass of wine. Then he spoke again.

- I have two questions, a few days ago I saw a banner of a golden sun in a black and white saltire, will it not be your heraldry by chance? Because I would be delighted to know where it comes from -

Maccio Aurelle

[Roleplay of Maccio's feast at Akesh]

- "Ah hah! Jaques! Aye, my steward's one of the best when it comes to food. Dude's been travellin' fer quite a while between courts, north n' south, east n' west. The cuisine of warmer climates usually is nicer, though some regions higher up north can also come up with incredible dishes too. Ever been to Dwilight? One of my brothers sent me a cookbook about the cuisine of the ol' Xinhai, so I gave it to my steward. T'was probably one of the best gifts n' decisions of my life."

Zenta enters the room and causes a small commotion with his derogatory demeanor and aggressivity.

- "Who's that dude? A bit more edge n' he would've been born with a self-made caesarean section. If ye goin' to hurt a peasant, do it - preferrably to a southern one - but comin' to somebody else's hall n' confusin' a poor serf before stabbin' 'im just means he's starved of attention" - Maccio mutters.

Dana Blackstone

[Roleplay of Maccio's feast at Akesh]

Dana nods with a slight shake of her head as she clasps her hands together, taking a solemn posture before Lindow.

"-Yes Sir., that is the banner of my house, the Blackstone house, you honor me by noticing a house as small as mine being surrounded by so many others of greater importance."

Dana smiles slightly as she maintains a proud and erect figure, which would be troubled after the prominent howls that would suddenly be heard, coming first from Zenta, and then from the servant who would have pierced the foot with a knife. After briefly observing that unfortunate scene, Dana regains her composure and pays attention to Lindow.

28th April

Summer Day - Evora

Kintaro Hassan-i Sabbah

I find myself in a very quiet residence after my arrival at the temple of Akesh.

"I have not slept almost nothing"

I'm a little tired ...

It was a long way to get here and I was very moved by the elevated location of this, but what a surprise I received when I saw such a beautiful and well-kept place, the first thing that stunned me were its mountains, it seems that I was heading to an ascent with the gods, as my father related in his anecdotes.

When I arrived, it was inevitable not to be surprised by the fortress and its outward appearance, but I brought a bigger surprise upon entering, many cheerful and very lively people, makes me think that this is what a kingdom should really protect, so for this I am not surprised by the presence of that fortress that I saw at the beginning.

I am happy for the warm welcome I received upon arrival, I took the audacity to drink a little despite the fact that I was called into battle, but it was difficult for me not to capture the joy of the residents who treated me excellently, despite being Foreign.

I managed to find an inn to stay, how good it is to socialize and to be instructed in the process.

You really feel trapped in so much calm despite the fact that things can get more serious soon... I lie in bed and try to get some more sleep.

"I wouldn't mind living my life in this place"

So if I can fight for this cause and bring tranquility to the residents of this kingdom ...

"Maybe I can find my redemption..."

Lindow Moonsun

[Roleplay of Maccio's feast at Akesh]

Lindow looked at the dinner scene. He could see Zenta next to two nobles of a minor house laughing at the peasant. Maccio and Jaques had stopped laughing as two beautiful women came to their table. Luna was not located among so many people, maybe she was gone?

At that moment, the musicians began to play a song, one very typical of the halls of the nobles, everyone knew it and many went out to the center in pairs to dance.

Lindow smiled and reached out.

- Will you give me this dance, M´lady? - referring to Dana

Kael Uzal Uzal

[Roleplay of Kael Uzal to grieve his former brother]

"Has it really been only two days?" as he asks himself during a stroll. He wanders how even the strongest of his brethren had been subjected to nature's simple dangers. All he can do now is pray to remember the spirit of his brother.

Salve Regina plays

Summer Evening - Evora

Dana Blackstone

Roleplay of Maccio's feast at Akesh

Dana would cover her mouth with the sleeve of her dress, showing an innocent expression while her eyes sparkled with emotion. She would lower her hand, giving Lindow a smile as she offered her hand to take it and thus be able to go to the place where the guests would be dancing.

29th April

Summer Day - Evora

Lindow Moonsun

Roleplay of Maccio's feast at Akesh

Lindow and Dana join the rest of the couples to dance. Two lines formed, one for men and one for women, both face to face with their respective partners. When the musicians started a new song, both people took two steps to their right, then two steps to their left, and finally from the left, the couples joined and crossed in the middle. The couples were passing and gathered in a circle, they turned to the rhythm of the music and finally they started to dance in pairs.

Lindow and Dana were dancing. It had been a long time since Lindow had danced with a beautiful young lady. They both looked at each other and smiled.

- My second question....what do you want to be in the future? - Lindow said.

Lindow Moonsun

A day of training at Akesh Temple

A few days had passed since that fun dinner. Lindow was walking through the courtyard with his captain and six Grey Guards. Passing through the training area, he saw several soldiers with the emblems of various noble families.

Near him was a young nobleman. This young man was giving his troops hard training. They dressed in a very unusual way, with turbans and splint mails

- Captain Rudgar, do you know who those soldiers are? - - Your Highness, they are soldiers of the Hassan-i Sabbah family - - Hard training and they have a curious way of dressing, let's stay and watch, I would like to meet that nobleman -

Lindow stood there as Captain Rudgar approached Kintaro informing him that the Shadow King Lindow wanted meet him

Kintaro Hassan-i Sabbah

A day of training at Akesh Temple

I'm training my troops, we are newcomers and we should not take the situation lightly, therefore we must be prepared for any upcoming situation and begin to know my soldiers better is the best way to prepare them in battle. In the meantime, I don't notice the person who approaches me ... a voice says

- Sir Kintaro could you take a few seconds of your training? -

~ Whisper - We are very busy, the truth is not a good time-

I turn around and get a big scare, obviously I can recognize it just by seeing it is Captain Rudgar. Quickly after getting nervous I try to regain my composure.

- Captain Rudgar excuse me, it was very deep in my head and I did not realize that it was you-

- Easy Sir Kintaro, rather listen, the king...-

- The king!?

- Yes, he has been interested in how your troops and your training look, he wants to meet you, are you coming? -

- Of course Captain Rudgar! -

- Follow me -

Before heading to the king, I give brief instructions to my subordinates

- Keep it up guys -

I can see it in the distance.

ahh what nerves...

I hope I don't make a bad impression...

Between thought and thought, I already find myself before him.

Summer Evening - Evora

Lindow Moonsun

A day of training at Akesh Temple

Finally Captain Rudgar returned with Kintaro.

- Your Highness, here is Sir Kintaro - Rudgar said

- Sir Kintaro, Knight of Krimml, I finally know him in person...I was walking in the courtyard and I was struck by their clothing and weapons. Is that the dress style of the Hassan-i Sabbah family? I am curious to know about the culture of origin of your family, can you explain me? - Lindow said

30th April

Summer Evening - Evora

Dana Blackstone

[Role play from Maccio's party in Akesh]

Dana would keep up with the music in short but delicate movements paired with Lindow's, trying to recall the lessons her tutor had taught her for occasions like this.

-I am afraid there are many things I want to be, my king, and I do not wish to bore you by telling you the whims of a girl.

She would maintain a solemn expression as she continued to follow Lindow's dance steps.