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Located on::East Continent
Part of::Nivemus
Part of::Eleador
is regiontype::Rural
North Plains
Farming, Manufacturing

Dale is a rural region located in the north central plains of the East Island. To the southwest is the city of Ashforth.

Since being depopulated in the Great Northern War, Dale has since recovered and prospered. With its gentle valleys and generous precipitation, the land if extremely fertile and well-farmed. The most grown crops are wheat and barley, with hops grown as well. Because of the abundance of grain, Dale has become one of the largest produces of beer and ale in the north. Most of the population are settlers from the east and south, however there is also a sizable minority of tribesmen from the north as well.

The population is fairly spread out across the length of the region, with both small and large scale farmers holding swaths of land. However, there are three major population centers.

Greenhill: To the west, not a far distance from Obando, Salta, and Ashforth, lies the trade hub of Greenhill. Situated on a fat and low lying hill, it has a small wooden palisade around it which provides defense. It has long been a central hub for trade between the tribes and the city of Ashforth. It is well-known for its many small brew houses that try to appeal to travelers and traders. It has a sizable population of Litustrum and Desertulo tribesmen.

Pontus- In the center, is the most recently built town in Dale. Built in a circular design, solid stone walls protect this administrative and manufacturing center. Tailors, fletchers, tanners, and many other workshops are at work all times of the day producing goods that the whole realm uses. At the center of the town is the Viscount's Tower. Built with solid stone, this round tower is the tallest structure in the city and houses the bulk of the bureaucrats that help to administer the region.

Sarady- To the far east, bordering the deserts of Sermbar and badlands of Tabost, is the old and worn down town of Sarady. It is the smallest of the three towns and mainly serves as a resting point for travelers. Old windworn sandstone walls protect it from both the harsh winds of the badlands and the fierce monsters of the desert. The largest building is the Inn of the Desert Rose, which has a large selection of brews and wines from across the north.