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Located on::East Continent
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North Plains
Fishing, Hunting

Tabost is a large badlands region in the central plains of the East Island, along the western banks of the Sirion River. To the west are the cities of Ashforth and Oligarch, the former capital of Oligarch. Across the banks of the Sirion River lies the city of Avamar, the former capital of the lost nation of Avamar. To the southwest lies the city of Krimml, the former capital of Fontan.

Region Description:

Tabost is a region of dubious repute among peasants, known as a death trap for any who try to settle in the region. A key border region between Fontan and Sirion, Tabost has changed hands many times over the past few years - the brutality of the take overs completely obliterating what was once a fairly tranquil and productive region. Trees which once dotted the landscape had long been cut down to create engines of war and the only thing left of many villages is ash, burnt down during one invasion or another.

The peasantry who remain, mostly those who have lived in Tabost before they had even heard of any realm called Sirion, struggle to hold on to their ancient way of life and ancient homes in the face of violence from both Fontan and Sirion alike. Battles take place weekly and though the region sees occasional immigration, the population, a mixture of both human and elven, has taken on a consistently downward trend.

The peasantry build their huts upon hills and even the smallest village has at least a community sentry tower made of logs. The larger towns are enclosed by a motte and bailey while the nobility of the region keep themselves secluded in large castles. Sirionite soldiers frequently canvas the large region, putting down revolts, staving away Fontan assaults, and arresting criminals. Unfortunately, in these desperate times, desperate measures have become the primary occupation of more than a few peasants.

Those with a more honorable way of living try and farm - but the land is relatively infertile and food production is still scarce. The primary way of living is actually based on the cottage system, where raw materials from Sermbar, Trinbar, and Sirion City are transported to Tabost and distributed among the locals to be processed. The finished good is then bought by merchants and reshipped for a profit. While this is not the most economical way of conducting trade, it has allowed Tabost to maintain a theoretical gold economy surpassing most rural and woodland regions.

However, its lack of food production and the fact that most of its able peasantry had been killed off means that the actual economy of Tabost is almost nonexistent. Its nobles survive on a pittance and constantly work to try and make Tabost the region it once was.