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For a long time the Conan family stayed with their parents and stayed at their homes, Springdale on Dwilight. Staying at home grew tiresome for the two teenagers, Nireus D.Natalle 17 ages and his sister Arianna Sherry 17 ages who's only get birth 3 hour after Nireus D.Natalle. These twin decided to set out to the open world and start a new beginning and new honour for the Conan family. Bring back gold and honour were top priorities and the teen noble were determined as ever. Two years later, their younger sister Calista Syrenne started to follow path that brother and sister take but she only choose to fight with Dwilight realm.

Generations of Conan Family

Pre-Generation:                                    Conan J.Doyle & Arianna Suraya            -----                     Norma Betty 
                                                                 |                                                          |      
                                                                 |                                                          |                                         
Current Generation:   Nireus D.Natalle - Arianna Sherry - Calista Syrenne - Charlotte Ava - Anastasia D.Grace    Lykin Park - Balqis D.Lux 


Current Nobles

Nireus D.Natalle

Nireus D.Natalle is the eldest of them all, and the only male among the siblings. As per tradition, the eldest male will inherit the family company, so it is Nireus D.Natalle's duty to run the company, instead his parents have decided that he must marry a woman, preferably higher into the noble hierarchy. However, he has no intention of following her parents wishes. He was embark to Atamara at the young age of 17.. And now become Baron of Jauchu, badland region in the realm of Tara.

Arianna Sherry

The middle of the siblings who has always had a zeal for adventuring. Every time word was spread of monsters he would sneak off to watch the soldiers do battle with the mighty beasts, fascinated by the savage invaders. He would always pester his mother Arianna Suraya to tell him stories of the beasts that roam the wilderness of the newly discovered Beluaterra. Now of age, he has successfully sailed upon one of his fathers boats to the land of beasts he has dream of as a child. Upon his arrival to the magnificent city of Wudenkin, she introduce herself and get to manage estate in Marpii. She was elected by the council of Fronen to become Lady of Jyl, a rich townsland after 2 week arrive at Fronen.

Calista Syrenne

Calista Syrenne is the second daughter of them all. Calista Syrenne has a close affinity with his sister Arianna Sherry, whom she idolizes. She took up the sword before he did, when it was wrong for her to do so, and fought for the homeland. She is closer to her sister than any other sibling, as after she was sent home disgraces, she practically raised him. She taught him to use a sword, how to speak like a noble, how to carry himself with dignity and pride. Now of age and knowing that the fate of his family's successful company is his eldest brothers. She has skill with a cute face that outmatches all of her siblings and after several years of paperwork within the family shipping company, she has left Springdale to serve Corsanctum, just small realm in Dwilight. Succesfull career in Corsanctum as Very high rank noble is destroyed after the group of greedy noble planning to overthrown Calista. She lost everything, and make way out of Corsanctum. She later travel to Swordfell and being appointed as Baroness of North Divide.

Charlotte Ava

Charlotte Ava, beauty girl who loves to enjoy the beautiful nature. Make her brother, Nireus as idol, she make decision to go find her brother in Atamara even she just celebrated her 17th birthdy.. She arrived in Tara but, her brother scold and ask she to come back to Dwlight. She say " Yes, i will leave your realm, but i will find and join realm in in the North, will prove you something.." After some time, she reach Icegate and make decision to join Barony of Makar. But not long, she then emigrate to Beluaterra after get letter from her sister Arianna to fight with for the realm of Fronen.

Lykin Park

Lykin Park is the son of Norma Betty, whom is sister to Arianna Suraya, mother of Nireus D.Natalle, Arianna Sherry, and Calista Syrenne. Though Lykin Park is supported by the Conan family and treated as family, he is not en-nobled with the Conan name and thus travels as a commoner. Lykin Park followed his cousin Calista Syrenne to Corsanctum to help find unique, who is then discover the unique name Wispering Girdle of Freedom in Weinschenk. Lykin Park had to hunt and defeat ugly monster leader known as Alpha monster before get this ring. After searching for many weeks, and battling through various undead and monster encounters, Lykin Park vanished after a particularly deep excursion into the mountains. He has not been heard from since.

Family Fame

This is where the Conan Families fame has come from:


Elected Ruler: 0 point (1 future point)
Ruler: 10th Day:  point (4 future point)
Ruler: 100th Day: 0 point (1 future point)
General: 1 point
Judge: 1 point
Banker: 1 point
Duke: 0 point (2 future point)
Region Lord: 1 point
Total office points: 4 out of 12 points


Individual Prestige: (10): 1 point
Individual Prestige: (20): 1 point
Individual Prestige: (50): 0 point (1 future point)
Family Prestige: (20): 1 point
Family Prestige: (50): 1 point
Family Prestige: (100): 0 point (1 future point)
Family Wealth: 2000 gold: 1 point
Family Wealth: 5000 gold: 1 point
Family Wealth: 10000 gold held 10+ days: 0 point (1 future point)  (guessing for 07/03/07 point)
Total points: 6 out of 9 points


New Palace & Capital: 0 point (1 future point)
Tournament Host: 0 point (1 future point)
Tournament Champion: 0 point (1 future point)
Army Sponsor: 1 point (Not so sure)
New Guild, Ex Gratio de Fronen (EGde Fronen) founded in Jyl, Fronen (Beluaterra): 2 point
Prophet: 0 point (3 future point)
Book Publication: 0 point (1 future point)
Family Investment, in Jyl, Fronen: 1 point
Outcast, Calista Syrenne : 1 point
Total Event points: 5 out of 14 points


Death Duel Prevalence: 0 point (1 future point)
Death: 0 point (1 future point)
Heroic Death: 0 point (1 future point)
Legendary Hero: 0 point (1 future point)
Total death points: 0 out of 6 points


Swordfighting Skill: 0 point (1 future point)
Preaching Skill: 0 point (1 future point)
Leadership Skill, 50%: 1 point
Total unclarities points: 1 out of 3 points


Found/have unique item: 1 point
Marshalling Battle: 1 point
Bounty from 3 noble, 800 gold: 1 point
5 Bans or more on 1 continent, with adv: 1 point
Total other points: 4 out of 4 points


(mystery): 2 point
Total points: 0 out of 2 points

Current fame total is 22 points.

Current top out is 51 points.

Last Update 23rd September 2013.