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Region Details
Continent Atamara
Region Type Stronghold
Geographic Area North Tundra
Population 1
Economy Fishing, Manufacturing
Realm (rogue)


Sitting on the edge of the sea's frozen waters, Icegate was the awe-inspiring stronghold of the vikings of the Barony of Makar. Those who have been foolish enough to attempt to take her walls met only death at the hands of fearsome vikings protecting their home. In the past it was once it's own Barony but after it joined the Barony of Makar it still saw its fair share of action. It had been the capital of the Barony for some time due to its central location.

Noteworthy Locations

  • A Scout's Guild
  • A House of Healers
  • A Banner Manufacturer
  • The Judge's Dungeons (Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here)
  • Icegate Docks

Regions in the Duchy of Icegate

The Duchy of Icegate, along with the Duchy of Sale, was the largest duchy in the Barony.

Troops Recruitable from Icegate

The citizens of Icegate had a long history of producing some of the finer units for the Barony's army. Icegate also had the pleasure of producing some of the more famous special forces units in Atamara.

Special Forces

  • Behexed Artillery - The infamous Behexed Artillery were feared by all who saw them on the battlefield. Their use of large boulders from a distance was known to have wreaked havoc on their enemies, and the massive swords used in close combat easily cleaved even the toughest armor in twain. The Behexed Artillery were considered among the best of the best in all the lands.
  • Mystic Monks - From the mountains of the Barony came the specially trained Mystic Monks. Forsaking their axes, they prefered hand-to-hand combat, quickly dealing death blows through the toughest of armor. It was rumoured that they were the most dexterous humans in the world; capable of climbing even the highest walls in an instant, bearing down on even the most well defended enemies.


  • Icegate Infantry


  • Citadel Guardians