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About Us Journal Volume: Winter of 17 YD Archives
Our Motto: "Subscriptions Are Mandatory!"

Editorial Meditations Corner
"What is this Journal?"

As this is the inaugural issue of the Ashrak Imperialist I feel inclined to explain and defend its purpose. First I will explain my credentials and why this is necessary for me and you then I shall detail how to read and understand the journal – its elements and feel.

While I respect and appreciate the many newspapers that have come and gone on Dwilight, as I use them voraciously in my historical research, I am not a man possessed with the patience to commit to such a task. I am neither a journalist nor a reporter. Newspapers are vital sources of facts for the History Department and I encourage anyone with the aptitude to produce one. However, concerning my range of skills I am more focused on the big picture, in following the threads of ideas through letters and events and in collecting and organizing causes and events. As the Dean of History, I regard newspapers as one piece of a greater jigsaw puzzle and therefore it is my task to seek them out and appropriate them to my research. As for this journal it is not intended to be a source of general facts and reports as a newspaper would but a source of concepts, ideas, arguments and criticisms about the continent we live on and the Empire I live in.

Following this, the Journal shall contain two major categories of articles and a few extra “sidebar” trails depending on my whims and on what is provided me. The first category is “Editorial.” Here I intend to engage your noble mind in discussion on a particular topic. Topics can include anything I feel like be it the strangling issue of the day or something I wish to share with you. It is my voice speaking to your mind. I encourage you to interact with it by replying, retorting or praising. Then we have the “Morek Empire” category in which I will find something about Morek to talk about. Whether it be something I like or dislike, or a bit of history, or further definition of a Morekan feature, all things Morek shall be contained there. The reason I decided to do this stems from an idea I had a few seasons ago of which I shared with my neighbouring region Lords out on the frontier. At the time I wished for us to create a unique culture or identity belonging strictly to the frontier regions. This idea then grew to include the duchy of Donghaiwei in which I said should feel subtly distinct from the Western half of the Empire. Now, through this category of the journal, I shall amplify the multitude of things Morekanna.

I intend to publish one of these journals once a season and hope you sincerely look forward to reading them. Feel free to respond in public or in private, your words may form a “Letters to the Editor” section or a commentary.

"The Duckface Kalince Fanath Ridicule Corner"

Duckface Kalince! Duckface Kalince! - Worms have thicker spines than you!

How long does it take for the Duckface to change a horseshoe? I don't know, ask him - he's the peasant doing all the dirty work!

Why did the D'Harans vote the Duckface as Prime Minister? Because they want a scapegoat in case the Zuma demand a sacrifice!

The Morek Empire The Fundamentals of Mysticism
"The Morek Empire Overview"

So, you want to know more about the Morek Empire? Well, as the Dean of History I suppose I am the man you are inevitably going to ask. Funny thing is I am originally a refugee to the Empire having fled the wrath of Haktoo the Horrible (Toothed) in the Spring of 13 YD. By my calculation that means I have been living here for nearly five Dwilight years. During this time I have attempted to collect as much information about the Empire as I could through interviews, observations, and research. The result of that work shall be presented to you in this section of the journal. As this is the first issue of the Ashrak Imperialist this article will not go to the depths I intend it to. Instead, I will provide a brief military summary to satisfy your appetites.

The Morek Empire has existed as a political body since 10 YD. It was formed upon the reconquest of the duchies of Muspelheim and Aegir while it was formally Xinhai during the Secession Wars. Shortly after this union the Empire joined its Liberonian allies in war against Thulsoma in 12YD. The war, sometimes termed a “Crusade against Hrēdmōnath,” lasted from 10 YD to 13 YD. Resulting in the alliances made during the war, the Morek Empire continued warring against Thulsoma’s ally Averoth until its ultimate destruction in the Siege of Valkyrja in 14 YD. In the same year as this victory, the duchy of Aegir seceded to form the realm of Entai. The secession was mended swiftly, however, as the Morek Empire and Astromancy at large launched a war of annihilation against Caerwyn. This war lasted from 14 YD to 16 YD having the Empire playing a largely supportive role to Astrum. Presently, the Empire is allies with all of its neighbours and rests idly while the Occidens increases its activity, particularly regarding the scandals involving the Zuma.

The Empire has a great deal of potential should it desire to rekindle its strength. The right minds and the right policies may be waiting in the shadows to revive our glorious Empire!

The Demon of Dwilight Has Spoken!