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The people of Arcachon were historically animistic in their religious practices. Legend tells of a foreigner from the West who brought with him books and wisdom. These books were in a strange language, but were filled with pictures and diagrams. Their material covered a range of topics from farming, to tanning, to tax laws, and so the Arcachon people had begun to adopt the early qualities of civilization without knowing it. The religion of Arcachon is complex, but is concerned mainly with achieving balance in the world through thought, speech, and action. Night and day, masculine and feminine, good and evil - everything has its place. That is not to say that Adgharhinism is dark or fatalistic; quite the contrary, followers tend to believe that Nature is inherently good. It is merely the acceptance that darkness cannot be completely extinguished (and in some cases must be embraced) that gives the Way its unique insight.

The Adgharhin Priesthood itself was rediscovered as the result of the research begun by Malus and Arcturus Solari. In a time of great need, and sensing the impending downfall of the Clan of Arcachon to corruption and decay, the brothers pland a coup of the current clan chief, Wiglaf.

After the successful rebellion, Arcturus, stepping in for the ailing Malus, introduced his findings of the Gods of the Way and the History of the Cosmos to the warlords of the Dark Island. Dormondt Lankmere lended his energy to the task of researching and completing the picture of the religion and it's practices

The Adgharhin Priesthood is the result of these findings and the continued research into the dark and faded history of the Island of Arcachon. As more information began to make itself available, a woman named Lechis from a coastal village made herself known to Dormondt and the Council of Arcachon, and started to illuminate the Way of the Old Ones to them.

Slowly and with great care, the older and more isolated inhabitants of the island began to emerge from hiding and offer their support to the new govornment in hopes that their faith would outlive them. This did not, however, come without cost.

Lechis revealed herself to be the old High Priestess of the Adgharhin, walker of the Way of the Old Ones. She vowed the support of the people of Arcachon, and provide insight into the Way to the nobles of the island, provided she was to teach them personally, and advising from behind the Pontifex.


The Levels of the Priesthood

Guardian of the Way

The Guardian of the Way is the active and recognized leader of the Adgharhin Priesthood. His or Her job is to advise and look after the welfare of the Way as well as its Priesthood.

Until her passing, Lechis held this position. Dormondt Lankmere took the seat of Guardian of the Way upon the death of Lechis and became the final decision maker in matters of spiritual practice. While everyday matters of operations were often handled by the Illuminated Ones, events that effect the overall structure and vision of the Way were deferred to the Guardian of the Way. During the quests of Dormondt, there was no official Guardian of the Way. This title was reinstated upon his return to the Far East Islands.

High Priest

The High Priest or Priestess is the second highest official position in the Adgharin Priesthood. It is reserved for people who have dedicated their entire careers to studying and spreading the Adgharin Way. There is only one High Priest(ess), currently Ryeena Burson. Previously the High Priest was Elerik Taim Olik who disappeared suddenly.

Illuminated Ones

The Illuminated ones are the leadership council of the Priesthood. They provide expertise in their given roles, while also serving as the main decision making body for the members of the Priesthood and walkers of the Way. They are expected to handle day-to-day operations of the Priesthood, involving the High Priest when needs arise, or if the decisions have an impact upon the direction of the Way.

Hand of the Hearth

The Hand of the Hearth oversees the religious practices of the Way as well as being the head of the Order of the Hearth. Dedicated to Omorthion, the Hand of the Hearth ensures that Holidays are observed and sacrifices are followed.

Hand of the Blade

The Hand of the Blade provides expertise in matters of military significance. As head of the Order of the Blade, he ensures that the Warbands of the Arcachon as well as the Units of the Mainland Nobility have the blessings of the Gods in their endeavors.

Hand of the Shadows

The Hand of Shadows takes pride in understanding the ways of finances and darker diplomacy, working in ways that many fear to use. They use these abilities to assure influence in the halls of government as well as making sure the populace, as well as the priesthood is well fed and funded. As head of the Order of Shadows, he oversees actions of a group that can be seen as courtiers and bankers as well as, when the need arises, secret police and enforcers.

The High Clergy

Those who have dedicated themselves to a monastic order, but have surpassed the specialized knowledge of their order to attain a more general and more complete understanding of the Way.

Elder Priest

Priests who have served a long time in their profession.


The priests are the engine of any religion; these are the most dedicated Walkers of the Way, spreading Civilization and Faith across the world.

The Clergy

Those who have dedicated themselves in service to the people and to the spread of the teachings of the Ways of the Adgharhin. They are the celebrants at the temples, the providers of weddings and the soothsayers. They generally hold a general knowledge of all of the Orders and use these skills to better serve the people of Arcachon.

The Monastic Orders

The monastic orders are housed within the halls of learning. They are the training centers of the Priesthood

Order of the Hearth

The members of this order pride themselves their research and study of methods and practices of trade and industry. Advances in the trades, such as milling, tanning and brewing on the Island have all benefited by the knowledge of this order. It is also their duty to assist the Clergy in the celebration of holidays.

Order of the Blade

The members of this order are those that study the history and technology of combat. Soldiers are often a superstitious lot, so it is not uncommon to find a member of this order amongst a warband or other unit of soldiers, making sacrifices to the Old Ones in hopes that it will sway the tide of an upcoming battle.

Fearless and often seen as touched by the gods, members of this order often run in front of the shield wall, taunting the enemy, trying to get them to break formation. or charge out of rage, creating an opening in the defenses of the enemy.

A diary entry from a noble in the Army of Arcachon illustrates their role quite well, highlighting the strange path that these monks walk:

As the Army of Arcachon traveled through the mainland, I watched as
the monks of the Order of the Blade underwent a startling transformation.
Upon landing upon the mainland, they dropped their monks robes and their
hair became unkempt and dirty. They braided feathers into their hair. They
split up and integrated into the units of the various nobles. Once there
they started accepting requests for prayers and preparing small sacrifices
to the ancestors and the Gods.

As they moved out with their units, these monks started to take on the aspects
of madmen, talking to the Gods and to spirits, foreseeing the future and searching
out animals which became their clothing. One such monk, Meghan, a very beautiful
Sister of the Blade who had taken my unit as her charge, became fierce and terrible,
howling at night and seeing visions of the soon-to-be slain.

They ate only the animals they killed, supplemented by herbs steeped as tea and the
portion of mead that the soldiers were rationed.

Order of Shadows

Where the other orders look after the affairs of industry for the common folk as well as providing for the welfare of the fighting classes, The Order of Shadows finds it's home within the walls of nobility.

Holidays and observances go a long way to make the common folk comfortable but Nobles often feel that they are above such things. Money and influence, justice and honor, however are never taken for granted. The Order of Shadows makes sure that the nobility remember that the Gods are aware of them as well...

Dedicant to the Adgharhin

The Dedicants to the Adgharhin are those whom have proven to be bound to the traditions of the way, but have not chosen a monastic order to devote themselves to.

Beacon of the Way

Beacons of the Way are the Clan Chiefs of Arcachon or Landed Nobility on the Mainland who have been entrusted with a region to control, but have not dedicated themselves to a monastic order.

Candidates and Inductees


One who has undergone the initiation ceremony but has not made the effort to dedicate themselves to further study and responsibility. Generally, it is expected that they will spend some time with the current Priesthood and help to further it's aims.


Followers are those who have listed themselves upon the Roles of Membership within the Priesthood. They are considered amongst the Priesthood and after due deliberation, they are either asked to continue and undertake the initiation ceremony or they are asked to walk another path.

The Walkers of the Way




  • Cassandra
  • Galvin
  • Jonan
  • Wladimir
  • Karin
  • Joffrey
  • Daved
  • Abarok
  • Hulthathuth
  • Edith
  • Hobbs
  • Bah'Na
  • busirio
  • Anastasia
  • Dissimilis
  • Indigo
  • Lente
  • Tokeru
  • Baz

Past Members of the Faith

Temple Locations

Wellspring Temple (Enlod)

Continent Far East
Founder Dormondt
Main Temple Enlod, Arcachon
Temples 7
Followers 22500 commoners
Noble Followers 28 nobles
Priests 3
Shrines 24
Constructed By: Dormondt Lankmere
Temple Size: Medium Temple (4)
Est. Believers: ??

The first and greatest of the temples to Adaghar.

Monastary Temple (Ecsetuah - Lost)

Constructed By: Elerik Taim Olik
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

Ecsetuah was once home to the Deletuah Monastary, which fell into disrepair and was long abandoned until Elerik Taim rebuilt it into a new temple to Adaghar. It is now called the Monastary Temple.

Mnalor Temple (Mnalor - Lost)

Constructed By: Alphonso
Temple Size: Small Shack (1)
Est. Believers: ??

The third temple to Adaghar, built in a well-travelled region of Arcachon.

Oasis Temple (Nbasah - Lost)

Constructed By: Baroness Poison Stalker
Temple Size: Small Shack (1)
Est. Believers: ??

The first temple built outside of Arcachon, constructed by Baroness Poison.

Temple of Light (Unotosa - Lost)

Constructed By: Count Vite LaMort (1st), Anulith LaCarte (2nd)
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

The Temple of Light, in Unotosa, remained a prominent focal point for the religion in the north mainland, until it was sacked and destroyed by Arfeiniel of Sartania (2007-09-02).

It was rebuilt (2008-04-08) by Anulith after the region was retaken from the Sartanians. As punishment for the destruction of the original temple, the Church of Sartan temple in Unotosa was sacked and burned by Cerber DeRouen at about the same time.

Temple of New Beginnings (Ozrat - Lost)

Constructed By: Duchess Poison Stalker
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

Poison became one of the few Duchesses of Ozrat, and continued to support the Way there with the financing of the Temple of New Beginnings.

Temple of the Anvil (Soniel - Lost)

Constructed By: Madras Draco
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

This temple has nourished generations of believers in the Fortress Town of Soniel. It was raised by "Beacon of the Way" Madras Drako. He was granted that title for his efforts in doing so, by Dormondt Lankmere, Guardian of the Way of Adgharhinism.

Ossaet Temple (Ossaet - Lost)

Constructed By: Duke Galiard Scarlett
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

Duke Galiard began as an enthusiastic new member of the religion, and for reasons still unclear he took such a disliking to the priests of his new faith that he left the order, and sacked the temple (2007-05-18) he had himself built.

Peninsular Temple (Abilotiel - Lost)

Constructed By: Baron Vidad Filador
Temple Size: Small Shack (1)
Est. Believers: ??

The temple has a long history, with no small amount of violence from the Sartanian-Arcachonic wars. It was constructed (2007-01-18) by Vidad, but later sacked and closed (2007-05-14) by Ranulf, a new Baron of the region. Temple servants are noted for managing to save a handful of gold coins from the pillaging, at the cost of their lives. The temple was, however, rebuilt (2007-07-30) by Vidad again, and remains to this day. In the last times, under the leadership of Baron Gregor Eyolf Serpentis and the supervision of the High Priestess Ryeena, the temple flourished and was increased considerably with new halls to accommodate more believers and is now one of the largest and beautiful temples to honor the gods.

Temple of the Huntress (Rapael - Lost)

Constructed By: Anulith, Count of Rapael, Marshal of the Army of Adaghar's Boot
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

Although Adgharhinism is their religion, the people of Rapael have blended it with the old customs and folklore, including the worship of numerous forest spirits and the local forest goddess. She is associated with the Adragharin goddess “Senith” the Lover, the Artist, the Mother, but here in Rapael she takes on her darker aspect as the Huntress. The Temple of Adgharhinism in Rapael is chiefly dedicated to her worship

Athios Temple (Athios - Lost)

Constructed By: Karl, Count of Athios (1st), Azure Cobalt, Count of Athios (2nd)
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

A week later, a temple was begun in Athios, at that time newly part of Arcachon. However, the temple was sacked and destroyed by Wilson Hendrix of Sartania (2007-09-09), after that realm conquered the region.

When Arcachon regained the region Azure Cobalt was made Count and he tore down the Sartanian shrine and rebuit the Athios Temple to it's former glory in very little time.

Colasan Temple (Colasan - Lost)

Constructed By: Dozer, Duke of Colasan
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

Colasan's temple was constructed at around the same time as the Athios Temple, and so far has withstood time and politics much better. It was expanded and cared for by Duke Driazt of Colasan until his untimely death. The current Duke of Colasan is not a Follower of the Way however has left the Temple untouched.

Update: The Temple of Colasan was recently decommissioned and it's doors closed for the last time. The Duke plans on demolishing the Temple in an attempt to keep his people happy. High Priestess Ryeena travelled to Colasan to speak with the Duke and found him to be a reasonable man, however as a follower of MAE his decision could not be reversed.

Isular Temple (Isular - Lost)

Constructed By: Sir Caesare Den Snodaert, Minister of Finances of Lasanar, Baron of Isular, Marshal of the Second Army of the South
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

Isular Temple was begun by Caesare, thought to be inspired by Driazt Burson, Duke of Colasan and the presence of the Adgharhin priesthood in the duchy. Although followers in these southerly areas are fewer than in the north, they showed fidelity to the Way.

Itomazh Temple (Itomazh - Lost)

Constructed By: Cerber DeRouen, Fiduciary of Arcachon, Count of Itomazh
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

Not to be outdone by the temple-building in the south, Cerber constructed the first temple of Itomazh - thought to be unnecessary in strictly-practical terms, this newest temple to Adaghar nonetheless stands as a proud symbol of the enduring faith.

Temple Of Southern Light (Paplarmi - Lost)

Constructed By: Poison Stalker, Countess of Paplarmi
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

After moving to Zonasa, Poison had nowhere to pray to Adaghar. As soon as she became Countess of Paplarmi, she built a temple dedicated to all of the Gods so that she could properly pray whenever she wished.

Temple Of The Dedicant (Sasrhas)

Constructed By: Iceberg Slim, Duke of Sasrhas
Temple Size: Small Temple (3)
Est. Believers: 9990

The most dedicated region of Followers on the Mainland, Duke Iceberg Slim constructed the newest Temple (17/08/2008) to Adghar as a testament to the belief of his people.

Temple to Omorthion (Akanos - Lost)

Constructed By: Joseph von genf, Duke of Akanoss
Temple Size: Small Shack (1)
Est. Believers: 1520

Built in Akanos during a time of general reconstruction of the city, its symbol is the Horn of Plenty, as a symbol of better times to come.

Tuhpos Temple (Tuhpos - Lost)

Constructed By: Haruka, Marchioness Of Tuhpos
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

Niel Temple (Niel - Lost)

Constructed By: Kojun, Duke of Niel
Temple Size: Destroyed (0)
Est. Believers: ??

Upasael Temple (Upasael - Lost)

Constructed By:
Temple Size: Small Shack (1)
Est. Believers: ??

Events and Reports

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