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Infiltrator Traveling

This is a little on the boarder line, but if it were to go through it would make infiltrators a lot cooler(but possibly to powerful)

What I was thinking is you could give Infiltrators the same ability that priests have in that they

can travel as many regions as the amount of hours allows them to( this is not saying they should be able to have more then a max of 12 hours)

Ex)If an infiltrator had say 11 hours and they needed to travel to Y region and to get to Y region you needed to travel through X region. (it is 5 hours from the current region you are in to X region and 5 hours to Y region from X region) So instead of being like the average solider who can only travel one region a turn. The infiltrator (not including possible delays) could travel both regions in one turn.

This is completely possible in real time events,

For one an infiltrator is only himself and can travel much faster then a unit of 30 or 40 men.

Two, an infiltrator could cross boarders easily without being spotted.

Three, they are masters of the shadows and must be able to maneuver around trees and other objects with great speed and agility.

Four, If the infiltrator is extremely dedicated to their mission sleep is not an option so time to do so will not have to be wasted

(Possibly this could be a special skill for Infiltrators of great skill)

The main purpose would be for easier escape from a region. So if you assaulted someone successfully but they realized who you were you could be two regions away in the time it takes them to travel one. Also it makes for easier travel around continents of peace so infils can collect bounties around the continent with ease :P

Please Leave any Opinions You Have

Makes infil too powerful, and I think this idea has already been said "no" to... infils have a lot of options already, no need to make them godly. Also, infils do need sleep, and taking theroad less travelled means it takes longer. --The1exile 20:33, 5 December 2006 (CET)

With only 12 hours avaible and travelling like a priest/adventurer, the infil won't be able to travel to regions that require 13 hours or more to get to. And those regions are plentiful. --Enstance Family