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Stronger Weather Wish

In a nutshell: have weather affect something other than crops and archer combat.

More expanded version: Weather ought to be able to have very broad effects on the game--some subtle, some obvious, some downright catastrophic. This is obviously much more difficult to implement than the simple climate patterns we already have, but I thought, hey, might as well at least suggest it.

Travel and Stealth

Weather should be able to affect the ability of units to travel quickly and inconspicuously across terrain. If the weather is nice, in most areas, that would mean normal travel times and a hard time concealing yourself. In Badlands/Desert regions, sunny weather could make travel times longer, while rain makes them shorter and easier. The concealment aspect is also relatively obvious: it's easier to hide yourself in a storm, or even with overcast skies, than it is with bright sunlight showing your every move to watchers.


A corollary of the previous would be effects on scouting. If it's sunny, a scout might be able to see farther and get more accurate data on enemies. If it's raining, scouts might be more likely to get lost or not get as much data. Of course, that would require changes in the accuracy of scout reports in general...

Infiltrator Actions

If it's easier to slink around during a rainstorm, that means an infiltrator would have an easier job, right? Not necessarily. Rain would mean it's harder to move stealthily and come silently into the tent of the target. You might even slip in the mud, or drip on his nose when you're about to stab him in his sleep, and then where would you be?

I'm not sure about this. I think that harsh weather really would favor the infiltrator, in everything except actions requiring fire (like destroying fortifications, or burning down recruitment centers). It's nice clear weather, where the sun is shining or the moon is full, that the infiltrator will have a harder time. --John 26 September 2005 18:26 (CEST)
I would tend to agree somewhat; that's why I put forward both sides. My intent was to provoke discussion on the issue, since I can see both sides of it pretty well. For instance, while it's true that clear weather is bad for infiltrators and not-clear weather is less good, overcast or foggy, or even drizzling, might be better than a downpour. --Anaris 26 September 2005 19:36 (CEST)

Natural Disasters

In the real world, a hurricane or tornado can devastate large stretches of land. Now, being able to change population numbers or region types is a bit far to go, but it's certainly reasonable to say that a huge storm could damage equipment and fortifications, lower production and morale, injure and kill troops and injure troopleaders, and, if it's bad enough, make battle impossible even for melee troops. These would, of course, be worse in plains regions (for tornados) and tropical island/coastline regions (for hurricanes).

A hurricane might also do worse damage to an area's food production capabilities than has been seen so far, requiring the importing of much more food. (Hey, this could be a way to throw off the balance on Atamara's permanent net food surplus people have been talking about...)

Hunting Enemies

It's probably easier to spot fugitive enemies on a clear night with a full moon than on a cloudy night, or a night with no moon at all. Fog would reduce visibility further, and heavy rain might make your men less zealous and diligent.

Well, that's about all I can think of for now, but I'll come back with anything else I can come up with, and feel free to add anything you like. (Transferred intact from the old Wiki) ~ TGC ~ Anaris 26 September 2005 18:08 (CEST)