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(Moved from main list to sub-page in order to clean things up)

  • Last-Words message: For heroes killed in battle, it could be something like "as the hero (name) lies dying, these last words were heard by one of his/her squires and reported:" Then the person could just type a short little message (like less than 100 characters or something, dying people don't speak novels). Of course, there would have to be some sort of time limit on how long after the *battle you can type the message, like a turn or something, so there isn't a message from a dead person two days later. I don't know how well this would work for executions or assassinations because a) the enemy judge wouldn't give your realm the last words of a prisoner, and b) the assassin wouldn't be reporting back to his victim's realm his/her last words.
    • I agree, but lets not over complicate things: Heroes may roleplay their death, and those executed not. They'll have to fare by the roleplay of their executioner. I really think this could be a fine addition to the game, because I've seen a lot of people circumventing the death of their hero by letting a friend post their dying RP instead of the hero himself. It is already benig done, but in an OOC way. It would be really practical if the dead hero could write one last roleplay to his realm. Not limited to just 100 characters, but just like a normal roleplay. The roleplay could also be a last will that was found on his body or so. If someone abuses this option in a way that isn't a roleplay or a last will, then he's just besmirring the honour of his own dead hero. If he wants to be unrealistic, or swear at people or mention something OOC, well then that's his character's memory he's screwing up. I believe that a player deserves the opportunity to go out with a nice RP or a last will, and not just a "Boom, he's dead.". Foreign Curs 10:54, 23 June 2007 (CEST)
      • I very much tend to agree. Some of the top-notched roleplayings I have read throughout my playing are when some famous guys got killed in battles. -- Gsklee 11:49, 23 June 2007 (CEST)
        • Maybe make it so that when the hero is struck down in battle, say they are "mortally wounded." Then, give the player a little time to think of what to say, and give them as the only action available, "Last Words." Once the character has said their last words, they are dead, and a link for the player to delete the character should be presented. While on the player side they recieve the link to delete, the rest of the continent will recieve the generic message about the funeral and whatnot like they already do. -Distorted 06/23/07
          • I figured to point the attention to this because of the new invasion on beluaterra. Not only my character is a hero who I'd like to die with an RP instead of nothing, but already quite a few heroes died on Beluaterra before the actual invasion started. I believe we can count on at least 20 dead heroes if it goes on at this rate, and that's just a huge waste if you can't write an RP about it. The undead invasion seems to be quite a roleplayed invasion from Tom's part, so I figured why not for dying heroes in this invasion? Being a hero is one of the only cases a player can choose to live with the risk of dying, but what glory (the point of being a hero) is there to it if you cannot write about your heroic death? Foreign Curs 10:36, 24 June 2007 (CEST)
            • When I originally wrote this I was still relatively new to the game and thought an infiltrator could kill your character, sorry about that. And with executions, you can already write last words, just bribe the guards, or use a free letter to your ruler. I'm glad to see people finally thinking about this! Now I have a hero of my own on beluaterra and I would really like to see this implemented! Not just for my own itch to roleplay her death, but it would be a lot more interesting to read about other heros, it's so not heroic to just die and oh well that's the end of you even though you're practically a legend. ~Hyral
              • I would even add: if your hero is prestigious enough, you can have Last Words sent to the whole Continent. I am usually very curious when I hear about a hero's death from another realm, and would like to know at least the end of story of the most famous... Now, for allowing the player to delete the character after the last words, no good, it is very easy to abuse of. I'd rather have a time of death set after the hero is mortally wounded, or make it direct: say the last words, the hero is dead.--Bluelake 16:37, 2 October 2007 (CEST)