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Character Traits

For purpose of Role Playing and adding longevity to the game of BattleMaster, I think it should become a priority for Tom (and other coders) within the future to consider adding character traits to the game, allow me to explain.

Let us say, upon creating a character, you can give them perhaps, two traits, and as they age or increase skill (depends really) they can aquire more traits selected by the player. For example to this--

Say I want to play a man who, in Role Play, is an excellent repair smith. I could select a trait like "Blacksmith" upon creating him, and he could either repair his men's equipment in a city/townsland for much cheaper, or by himself (just using hours).

Perhaps another example would be "Sword Master", in which the character increases his or her sword fighting skill much quicker in battle and at the academy.

Why not "Stealth"? Where it becomes much easier for the said character to increase his/her infiltration skill?

The possibilities are endless, but can easily be limited to how Tom sees fit, or limited to what Tom thinks could aid or complicate future development of the game.

Feel free to post your own ideas below:

Trait Ideas

Blacksmith - The character with this trait receives a 50% discount in time and gold to repair his or her unit's equipment when in a city or townsland region.

Sword Master - This character has a higher (2x) chance to increase "sword skill" during battle, and at the academy.

Stealth - This character has a higher (2x) change to increase "infiltration skill" at the academy and while performing infiltrator actions.

Mount - This character always has his or her trusted steed (camel, or donkey) with him/her, and as such has a greatly decreased travel time when travelling with a small unit, or no unit. Other times their travel time is only reduced slightly.

Attractive - This character is extremely attractive, and as such has a slightly better chance at escaping from prison (flirting of course), among other skills.

Politician - Has a better influence in the people, which makes him get better Bureaucratic skills to improve regions' status

Hill Billy - Has a better influence on peasents, which makes him get better Trading skills to reduce food prices by X% OR fit more into his CVs.

Archer - This character archer units do more damage or more range or train more effectivly and equipment wears more slowly.

Drill instructer - this character gets more benefits out of training and less of a moral drop when doing Heavy Training