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Character Weapons and Armor?

I realize this would take way more coding than Tom is most likely willing to do, especially at THIS stage in the game, but I think it could really add a new level of realism and role play to the game. Heed my words if you're curious in a potential future for BM.


This is perhaps my most important aspect in the "character equipment" part, but I think characters should be able to purchase "custom" weapons from city/townsland regions with a blacksmith (obviously townsland regions wouldn't have as good weapons). This would not only effect the character in battle (I'm thinking heros preferably), but especially in duels, or even in tournaments (thought I doubt it)? Here is just a little idea I came up with, it might sound goofy at first but I've had little time to work on it. I am OPEN to suggestions as this is an idea I KNOW is most likely never to see Battlemaster at all, but hopefuly in the near future.

I would aim to have different types of weapons that might affect the character in battle/duels. Just some examples. (keep in mind that there would be different levels of weapons to make them better)

  • Long Sword

The Long Sword would pretty much be your basic weapon with no major advantages or disadvantages.

  • Claymore

The Claymore would most likely allow the character to deliver more lethal blows, but make him/her less able to defend against attacks and probably less evasive due to the size of the sword. He/she could probably be able to have a little more range due to the length

  • Katana

The Katana would be the opposite of the Claymore, not as likely to deliver lethal blows, but much faster to use and provides better defence.

  • Battle Axe

Like the Claymore the Battle Axe could probably due more damage and be a bit of a hinderance, I am not really sure how else to change it, just an example.

  • Flail

I would think the Flail could do less damage than a Long Sword, but be able to strike much faster, however leaving the user open to attack while swinging it and working up the momentum for his own attack.

  • Mace

Probably would do less damage than the Long Sword but be able to be used much quicker.

  • Lance

I would think the Lance would do alot of damage but be slow, however it'd boast a fair sum of range.

  • Javelin

I would aim for the Javelin to have the most range, but obviously make the user prone to almost every attack.

(these are just IDEAS/THOUGHTS, obviously I would think a wider variety of weapons could be used, but I also think it might be just easier to have a "rock/scissors/paper" sort of deal where sword beats axe, axe beats flail, flail beats sword or something. Though that would make it less interesting)

First of all, with the "weapons" concept, it'd be really nice to add in another theme into it: noble have to "learn" how to wield the weapons. So a person more adept at the sword may defeat a person just learning how to use a, say, claymore, and visa versa. Ofcourse, this would certainly eliminate the percentage system...
I noticed that there is a weapon in the list here that is very much native to Japan, which is a Far East country. Since BM is based on midevil Europe, I do not believe that they would have that sort of exotic weapon or even if they do, I doubt many people would be able to use them. I'm not really laying down the line here and saying they don't have any exotic weapons at all, but weapons from East Asia, not very likely. But for a weapon like katana to be in BM, I would say it must be located in a place very far off the edge of the island (plus there'd be only a certain numbers available at a time) and perhaps not at all for some other islands. However, I would really suggest replace that weapon with a short sword or a dagger to fit the time and place.
Another thing I've noticed is that you listed "long sword" as the basic weapon. Although that weapon is very popular in the media today (especially japanese anime...etc.), not many people can actually lift it with one hand (some not even with two hands)Therefore, I would suggest just "sword" in place of that.
There are actually two kinds of claymores: the highland (two handed) claymores, and the onew made somewhat later, which is shorter, lighter, and wielded by one hand.
A lance the term used for a variaty of pole weapons based on the spear. Generally, any spears that are not thrown is called a lance when used on horseback. Therefore the word "spear" is more accurate here. Also, a spear does not necessarily have to be "slow", especially at blocking. It's size may cause troubles for people who had not used spears before, in terms of offense, so it might take a little longer to "learn"...
Something else I'd like to mention, after a javelin has been thrown, the noble will be without any means of defending oneself...so how's the duel supposed to continue? --J 23:35, 18 October 2006 (CEST)
Rapier/Saber for the Cavalier class. A lighter, much more agile weapon, especially effective on horseback.--Rtsmith67 09:37, 17 May 2007 (CEST)
Although I have my doubts about including actual weapon/shield as items for the game mechanics to use, I must object to using rapier/sabre for cavaliers. Perhaps it was just myself, but I've always imagined the cavalier to be the stereotypical heavy cavalry. Admittedly, cavaliers don't need to use cavalry, but coming from a french background, cavalier literally means "horseman". With them being a step above knight, I envision them wearing heavy plate armour, with lance, shield and a heavy melee weapon such as sword, mace, axe or flail. Rapiers seem more appropriate for a dual, and sabres seem more appropriate to the slash & move tactics of light cavalry. --RubyDragon 20:39, 17 May 2007 (CEST)
I must concur with the technical point raised above. D&D in particular has created the modern concept among many 'gamers' that a "longsword" was the basic, one-handed default sword. To the contrary, the weapon called a "longsword" is very closely related (and even sometimes snynomous with) "hand and a half" swords, "bastard" swords, and "greatswords". The most proper term for the standard one-handed sword carried by a medieval knight would be an "arming sword." Check the wikipedia articles. For example, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arming_sword actually details the misuse of the terms 'longsword' and 'broadsword' to refer to the one-handed "knight's sword." Similarly, rapiers and sabres are not appropriate for the time period either. Rapiers were civilian dueling weapons and never used in war. They are a renaissance weapon not used until the 1500s at the earliest. Cavalry sabres are even more modern, not used widely until the turn of the 1800s. Their predecessor, the backsword, was not used until the 1500s at the earliest, so too is too modern. Medieval cavalry used lances and the horses themselves as weapons, and turned to secondary personal weapons (swords, axes, maces, etc) only after dismounting. The heavy medieval cavalry probably did most of their fighting on foot, not on horseback, as after an initial charge there would be no room to maneuver the horses.Westgate 01:09, 18 May 2007 (CEST)

Me is thinking, piercing/slicing/hacking weapons (like spears,swords) are less effective against platemain and more effective against leather/furr armors. (its less durable)
Blunts more effective against chainmail (chain offers no stifness, so body recives almost full damage) and less against leather (absorbs impact, plate is stiff but also has no softness so dosnt aborb but rather disperses impact alover its surface)
But an axe (for example) is sort of bolth a blunt and a hacking weapon, thus should have no advantage or disadvantage.
Of course not only axe alone is sutch a weapon but you get the idea (i hope).


The armor I didn't put much thought into, but the best I came up with was something like.

  • Leather Armor

Provides minimal defence but doesn't reduce mobility.

  • Chainmail

Adds a little extra defense, especially against arrows and slightly hinders movement.

  • Platemail

Obviously reduces agility greatly, but provides the best defense.

(short but sweet, these are just some ideas I thought could make the duels/battles more interesting. Like I said I doubt this will get off the ground, but it gave me something to do, gave YOU something to think about, and gave the coders something to perhaps reflect new ideas off of.)

Lewis Fox - Firefox Ancestry

For the armours, people usually wear layers of armours as to achieve the best protection. Therefore, it'd be better to put a "weight" on each armour and stack them with the ones the noble chooses to wear
Also, I would add Leaf Mail (or Scale Armour to the list) It provides more protection than chain mail put is much more expensive.
One last thing, while it looks like it, a plate armour does not have to be heavy. A full plate armour made of well tempered steel can weigh only 20 kg or 45 pounds (lighter than current infantry combat uniforms and the weight is much better distributed). --J 23:35, 18 October 2006 (CEST)
Don't forget shields ;) --RubyDragon 20:39, 17 May 2007 (CEST)