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Republic of Fwuvoghor

Jefferson at study in the orchards of Bil Havil

Twin of Hamilton, son of the elder Sejieda Bishamon. Began as a noble in Itorunt because the antique family book spoke highly of the place, but quickly discovered he couldn't live within a monarchy. He found a great liege in Dal, Duke of Xavax, though and tallied longer in Itorunt than planned because he felt loyalty to Dal for treating him so well. Eventually he emigrated to Beluaterra where he joined the Republic of Fwuvoghor. He ran a passive campaign for senatorship, and an active one for Minister(came in 2nd), but lost both. He was promoted to Marshal of the Fwuvoghor Madmen though.

Shortly after clearing the Republic of the monsters and undead that infested it during the Irombrozian tournament that celebrated Irombrozia's independence, Jefferson grew sick of the Republic. He stepped down saying, "I am not a marshal, but a mere rubber stamp for General Zeteo. This is not intended to accuse General Zeteo of anything, but when told I was needed to serve the Republic I thought I would be doing more than merely rubber stamping orders. I believe General Zeteo should be the marshal himself. He has my full recommendations if anyone cares to accept them.Furthermore, this realm is too full of confusing treachery lately and I do not know who to trust. I mean no ill will to anyone here, but I believe that this Republic is not suited for me anymore. My apologies to everyone here. I grew fond of many of you. My liege, Maximiliaan, I hope you understand my reasons. I will now be heading for Melhed." He was further displeased when General Zeteo insulted him, but he chose to not respond to the insults.

First Melite Experience

As he had been conversing with Consul Aldo Unti of Melhed and had been promised refuge there, he made his way there and swore an oath to Rah Arya, Senator of Tepmona. He is currently satisfied with Melhed. A week into his time in Melhed, he won an election for senatorship of Bil Havil. He composed a calendar for Melhed, though it has yet to be adopted by the Senate. Some time afterward he became Marshal of the Bearded Legion. He has acquired the unique item Tempus' Ring of Freedom, which he values for its symbolism.

He began running in a friendly campaign against Consul Aldo Unti and eventually was pleasantly surprised to have won. He doesn't expect to be in office very long due to Aldo's popularity. As he expected, Aldo regained his position of Consul. Jefferson's tenure was well-run and much was done such as a deal with Thalmarkin regarding Orde and Qual that had long been an issue between the two realms, moving the law debate forward, and sending 2,000 gold to Old Grehk. In addition, he took a diplomatic journey to see an old friend and former Doge of Fronen, Cyrus Hyrhion, along with esteemed nobles of Avalon, his old home in the Republic of Fwuvoghor, and Prime Minister Strat Fender of Hetland. Now his energies are focused on the law debate.

He had to take a step away from public life due to the stress involved(ooc: three and a half months of hitchhiking). He saw his knight, Shalk Morlak, become Senator of his beloved region. He became the first non-Senator, Senate-elected ambassador, save for a short stint of removal due to Consul Aldo's poor memory. Farshar, a foreigner to Bil Havil, became Senator of Bil Havil. He ran against Consul Aldo again to offer an alternative, but so did Senator One and the opposition vote was split between them.

Eventually, Consul Aldo abdicated, but this time Senator One narrowly beat Jefferson for Consul. Jefferson ran again the next month, but Consul One doubled his vote. During this second month, Consul One illegally declared neutrality with Old Grehk and Jefferson pointed it out, but no one else seemed to care. Jefferson abstained from running for consul the third month.