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=====Vellosfamilycrest.jpgHanajanVellosfamilycrest.jpg===== One of the Exiled Twins, Hanajan was born illegitamately to Hraeten, the Patriarch of the Vellos Family. His mother was Lasyra, a peasent from Moramroth, one of the villagers. Hanajan was the first of the twins to come. At age three, he was shipped to the East Continent, Caligus. He grew there in the keeping of local lesser nobles. Soon after he joined the ranks of the Caligus Army, he recruited too many men in the zealousness of youth. In his arrogance, he battled in Winkamus, and could not maintain his over-sized unit. He was reduced to laboring in the fields and shops of Winkamus and Domus. Hanajan was driven mad by this. Even if he was illegitamate, and exiled, he could not drive himself to a peasent's status. Soon after, he fled into the forests north of Winkamus, never to be seen again.

Rumour speaks of Hanajan being sighted in the Far East, in Batesaor, still mad with insanity and delirium. He bore no crest, and made no claim to nobility, dwelling as a wild man in the woods. The Vellos Family has sent out messengers, seeking him. They hope to find their lost Scion.

  • Accomplishments
    • Caligus
      • Former Knight (MIA)