Vellos Family/Cyrilos

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  • Physical Appearance: Black, tangled hair; black, wild beard, ice-blue eyes, tanned skin, almost invariably garbed in a long black robe, no shoes; keeps eyes painted black, often bound by a black band; the typical accoutrements of a devotee of the Way of the Warrior Saints
  • Weapon of Choice: N/A
  • History:

Cyrilos is one of that strange breed of the Vellos Family, Conalfun's branch. Ahomidol's youngest son by a good margin, Conalfun's sons are well aware of Hraeten's line's accomplishments, as well as Onlan's. However, as Conalfun was almost 15 years Onlan's junior, and 20 years Hraeten's, Hraeten and Onlan's folk have little remembrance of Conalfun's heirs. Cyrilos and his mother fled the far north around Icegate where they had lived after a wandering Warrior Saint ascetic ministered to them and they converted, soon after facing persecution by the Vikings. They fled south to Saradic. Cyrilos' later childhood and then his formative years are little known. However, somehow or other, he was taught to read, and gained a formidable and diverse knowledge of all the teachings of the Saints. He rarely speaks without quoting the Saints.

When he was of age, Cyrilos announced himself to the nobility of Eston, and claimed his father's titles. However, he was little interested in the affairs of kings and governments, and so he moved to Moramroth and took up a dwelling in a cave, where a band of disciples has grown up around him. He often preaches sermons filled with the teachings of the Saints.