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Character Pages

Please create your character pages as sub pages of your family pages.

e.g. you should move Xaero to Serra Family/Xaero.

Please do this for all of your characters. You might want to create a Serra Family page while you're at it. -- Nicholas September 2, 2005 06:42 (CEST)


Please read: Image talk:XaeroRPImage.jpg

done Shoenaemaeh 16 January 2006 15:17 (CET)

Your recent edit summary on wound

"I myself have got a hero who got seriously wounded twice, so i correct the information: heros can be seriously wounded without having to die."

You sure this was not infil serious wound? As the page already states, these do not kill heroes.

I have had a char go through hell in a battle, come out relatively unscathed, only to get assassiated 2 minutes after turn when I try to log on 5 minutes after. What a pain in the posterior. --The1exile 00:27, 5 September 2006 (CEST)

I got serious wounded in a battle, for sure! (i remember that because i lost my general's position after a big battle were i got wounded. I have another char in the same realm and therefore i confirmed it was because of a battle. Happened in Avalon, Beluaterra) Shoenaemaeh 14:21, 5 September 2006 (CEST)