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The Zatirri Family


The Zatirri family originating on East Island, in the region of Leibo, they were a household that did their trade in wood. The family member that originally brought the family into the light and bring the family from the minor nobility into upper nobility, was Zolan Zatirri, when he received his Knighthood and served in Leibo under Head of House Ghrest Purrcious Gungnir.

The family has always been very divided on their views, morals and even their religions. Causing many a argument before they went their separate ways and branched out. The only thing that holds the family together, is there sense of determination. They come from a hard working family and are used to having to do the work required to get the fruits of their labour, whatever the work or fruits may be.

Living Family Members

Zolan Zatirri, Steward of Leibo.

Zatar Zatirri, Senator of Xhahgus.

Rolessa Zatirri, Countess of Cailyn.

Deceased Family Members

None noted.

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