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Mark Aubrey
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Some of the suggestions that I've tossed out to the D-list

and one I didn't.

To Do

  • sync my bugtracker name (Willem) to my wiki / in-game family name (Tinsley)
  • finish RPs - notably 14JUL
  • wikify code on my contributions
  • add unit Captain's names
    • Willem (Orwin, Wolfgang, Trubald)
    • Freidroch (Edgar)
    • Caroline (Agis, Randulf, Karl, Heinman, Admund)
  • add recurring NPC names and descriptions:
    • William and Lynn Tinsley - adoptive parents of Willem and Freidroch.
    • Franck - Willem's uptight Estate Manager in Amdor. Now in charge of the kitchen, gardens and orchards in Barad Gardor.
    • Onslo - Willem's Estate Manager in Barad Gardor.
  • add book titles somewhere:
    • Just Courts and the Eston Population, a case study dealing with one of the Three kinds of Courts
    • Recipes for Fish
    • An Incomplete History of Minas Ithil, Norland, Eston and Falasan
    • Seasons and Harvest
    • Poems and Stories
    • Studies in Military Failures
    • Medicinal Plants found in the Foothills of Barad Riel


Some resources I use for ideas and better understanding of medieval times...


Online books:

Game books:

Misc Websites: