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Current Contributions

After a nearly 10-year break in BM, I've returned to found a new family: Everlight. Currently maxed out with 4 nobles and 3 advies; find them on EC, BT, Dwi, and Colonies.
They are descended from the Twix Family mainly through Fey, who faded to obscurity in the north of Beluaterra after an exhausting career including being Grand Justiciar of Melhed.

The Player

I am one of a bunch of folks from Winnipeg, Canada, who all got each other into BM one by one in the early 2000's, and have met each other along those lines; "Hey, this is ___, he plays BM too, he's in ___ realm on ___". I play(ed) 4 characters in the Twix Family back then, NOT named after the chocolate bar--I was thinking along the lines of twain, and twin, and betwixt, as my twins were my first idea characters--and somehow maybe I had dessert on the brain, but the Family Twix was begun.
Roleplay is the aspect of the game that kept me here and brought me back from hiatus. It's amazing when you throw a story out into the void not expecting a reply, and a whole storyline spawns from it.
I'm active on the Discord as Stax.