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psymann lives in the north of England, is in his thirties, and when not playing Battlemaster is either playing other games and sports - particularly badminton, performing in the local concert band, doing some work, or spending time with psywomann and psybunnies. Not necessarily in that order.

psymann has tried many other online games but only stuck with a few of them for any length of time:
- War of Empires (, where he was one of the most successful players through the first eight versions of the game in 2005-2007, finishing in the top ten five times in a row, supporting his clan to victory on a number of occasions and being a valued moderator in the forums. After some years away, he then returned for Age 25 in 2011.
- Cantr II ( where he roleplayed a range of characters in 2007-2008.
- Runescape (, which he has played on and off since 2009, and where his skills are mostly in the 90s and he's part of a pleasant little group of adults.
- Tribal Wars, which he played for six months in 2008 but found too time-demanding.
- and Battlemaster.

He can also be found online as a member of the Board Game Geek site ( which covers his interest in board games.

In Battlemaster, psymann played the Grindle Family in 2007-2008 which was then deleted for inactivity. He now plays the Waroe Family from 2011.

He can be contacted at

psymann has suggested various new ideas on the old dicussion list. Some of the more thought-through suggestions can be found on his suggestions page.