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The player of Coquard Family, Renee M. Row, age 43, died July 22, 2020. This is a memorial where players may share their memories to honour her time in our community. There is also a memorial website where one can share memories with others who knew her.

I first came to know of you as a character switching allegiance from an enemy realm. My character being who he was remaining ever distrustful, even as his closest friend welcomed your character into the realm. Getting to know you as a player in IRC over many laughs. I can reflect back upon much character development and storybuilding with other roleplayers. I'm not the best for words with such matters, but our times listening to one another's struggles, particularly at a point I needed it.

I know we hadn't talked much lately, life being what it was, but it was always good to hear from you once in a blue moon. As we do, assuming you'll be there, returning to our community as players do in the cycle of life, or continuing our on and off again chats via text. And then to face that sudden realization that that story is written.

Well, I guess my point is that the world will be at a loss for a caring, creative, comedic person, the BattleMaster Community at a loss for a world-building player on top of your empathetic, inventive, humorous personality, and I will be at loss of a friend who took the time to care, even when I may not have not been particularly expressive. - Vita`

Renee, I never got to meet you in person, but I know enough about you through our interactions in Battlemaster to be certain that, wherever you are now, that place has earned a caring, noble and loving new inhabitant. Thank you for the many letters and roleplays, thank you for keeping me company in my sleepless nights, thank you for sharing your time and attention with so many of us to paint with the colors of your love and friendship everything we built together. To you, Renee, may you rest in peace and patiently wait until you get to meet your loved ones again. To her family and friends, my deepest condolences, and those of all of us at the Battlemaster community that had the fortune to meet her and enjoy her presence and magnificent writing.

Until we next write each other, Renee. - D'Espana