The Khtonian Chronicle

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Febuary 1, 2007 - Battles in Weghie and Tindle

On January 31, 2007 The forces of Khthon and their allies Vlaanderen met with the forces of Plergoth on the fields of Weghie. The result of the battle was a catatrophic defeat of Plergoth's military force. On the following day of February 1, 2007 the remnants of Plergoths forces were soundly crushed at the battle of Tindle. Now Khthon brave fighting force can return to Dyomoque in celebration as it gained a huge victory without the need for her ally Avalon's vast military force and is a staunch reminder to Plergoth that the communication between Khthon and Vlaanderen has been corrected and will be far more organized. This is the beginning of a whole new war.